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APRIL 1999 | Volume 283 No. 4
mcvs9904 picture Small-Town Cop
(This article is no longer available online.)

This is the story of Tom O'Connor, a police officer patrolling the streets of the town where he was born and raised. And it is the story of a practical kind of wisdom, one that applies the law by turns firmly and loosely, and helps to make civilized life possible.

by Tracy Kidder

  • Web-Only: The Architecture of Daily Life
    An Atlantic Unbound interview with Tracy Kidder.

  • Living in Candlestick Park

    Cold War-era analyses of the international situation were often concerned with how the "great game" of foreign policy should be played. The next century's issue: not the rules of engagement but whether the playing field itself will remain intact.

    by John Lewis Gaddis

    Confucius and the Scholars

    New research has raised intriguing questions: Did Confucius actually teach the ethical principles that bear his name -- or is "Confucianism" in fact a later, Western concoction? Did the Chinese sage even exist?

    by Charlotte Allen
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    Notes & Comment: If the Shoe Fits
    How crisp are your utterances? What's the cost of being a nerd? Will you end up going to hell? Mathematical formulas now seem to exist for everything.
    by Cullen Murphy

    Foreign Affairs: Ambivalent Autonomy
    After seven centuries of English rule the people of Wales were recently given the chance to claim a measure of self-government. A lot of them don't want it.
    by Pamela Petro

    Technology: The Virus Wars
    Almost everyone who uses a computer has had to ward off infection by computer viruses. Now, for the first time, research holds out the promise of effective antibodies.
    by Robert Buderi

    Fiction & Poetry

    seahorse picture Piano
    A poem
    by Stanley Plumly

    seahorse picture Woman, Why Are You Weeping?
    A poem
    by Jane Kenyon

    Afternoon of the Sassanoa
    A short story
    by Jason Brown

    seahorse picture Lost Parrot
    A poem
    by Susan Mitchell

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    Arts & Leisure

    Travel: Touring Turin
    People often think of Milan as the best point of access to stylish, cosmopolitan northern Italy. Wrong.
    by Corby Kummer

    Music: Forget the Callas Legend
    Decades of pungent anecdotes have created a powerful -- and misleading -- public image of Maria Callas.
    by Matthew Gurewitsch


    Against Inequality
    The Stakeholder Society, by Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott
    by Jack Beatty

    seahorse picture Poet of the Factory Floor
    The Mercy: Poems, by Philip Levine
    by Peter Davison

  • Web-Only: A Useful Poetry
    An Atlantic Unbound interview with Philip Levine.

    Brief Reviews
    by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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    The April Almanac

    The Puzzler
    by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

    seahorse picture Word Watch
    by Anne H. Soukhanov

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