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SEPTEMBER 1998 | Volume 282 No. 3
mcvs9809 picture seahorse picture Who Will Own Your Next Good Idea?

The term "intellectual property" covers everything that's patented, published, and pirated in the world today. The whole system of ownership may now be up for grabs.

by Charles C. Mann

  • Web-Only: Life, Liberty, and ... the Pursuit of Copyright?
    Atlantic Unbound welcomes Charles C. Mann, John Perry Barlow, Lawrence Lessig, and Mark Stefik for an interactive Roundtable on the ownership of culture in the information age. Join the debate in Post & Riposte.

  • Could Mad-Cow Disease Happen Here?

    One would think, given the deadly outbreak in Britain, that the U.S. government would by now have taken every possible precaution. Not so.

    by Ellen Ruppel Shell

    She: Portrait of the Essay as a Warm Body

    How the essay, without compulsion, compels assent.

    by Cynthia Ozick
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    Notes & Comment: The Time Has Come
    Two major sectors of the American economy should forge an alliance.
    by Cullen Murphy

    Foreign Policy: The Fulcrum of Europe
    The tendency in the West is to dismiss Romania as a sadly decrepit irrelevance. Will we discover the mistake in time?
    by Robert D. Kaplan

    Foreign Affairs: Poor but Prosperous
    The Indian state of Kerala has everything against it -- except success.
    by Akash Kapur

    Humor, Fiction, & Poetry

    seahorse picture The Return
    A poem
    by Philip Levine

    Come Back Irish
    A short story
    by Wendy Mai Rawlings

    Venus of Willendorf
    A poem
    by Yusef Komunyakaa

    seahorse picture The Invisible Woman
    A poem
    by Jessica Hornik

    Shore Birds
    A poem
    by W. S. Merwin

    A drawing
    by Guy Billout

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    Arts & Leisure

    Travel: Half a World Away
    Just as other European cities are getting cold, Buenos Aires is heating up.
    by Benjamin and Christina Schwarz

    Music: Swing and Sensibility
    Missing from much of the recent commentary on Frank Sinatra, oddly, was one pertinent topic: what he meant for music.
    by Francis Davis

    Food: Tuscan Tomatoes
    When bread is past its prime and tomatoes are reaching theirs: time for panzanella.
    by Corby Kummer


    The Hidden Nature of Systems
    System Effects, by Robert Jervis
    by Stephen M. Walt

    The Pleasures of Formal Poetry
    The World Below the Window: Poems 1937-1997, by William Jay Smith
    by Elizabeth Frank

    Brief Reviews
    by Phoebe-Lou Adams

    Other Departments

    77 North Washington Street


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    The September Almanac

    At Last Count
    The Coming of Age
    by Allan Reeder

    The Puzzler
    by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

    Word Court
    by Barbara Wallraff

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