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NOVEMBER 1998 | Volume 282 No. 5
mcvs9811 picture In the Kerouac Archive

How did the novel On the Road evolve? What did Jack Kerouac hope the movie would be like? How did he view the advent of celebrity culture in America? A trove of unpublished writing by Kerouac will come into print during the next several years. We offer excerpts, together with commentary by Douglas Brinkley, the editor of these papers.

The excerpts from the Kerouac archive were available online for the month of November, 1998, only.

"Ready, Read!"

Forget concepts like local autonomy, charter schools, and choice. The way to resurrect schools that have failed is to take power from the principals or superintendents, and to impose a simple and rigid curriculum. This approach is being tried in hundreds of places, and it's working.

by Nicholas Lemann

Pre-empting the Holocaust

Artists and writers, philosophers and theologians, have wrung the Holocaust in a desperate, well-meaning quest for some small drop of redemption. A distinguished historian of the Holocaust offers this counsel: the quest is futile.

by Lawrence L. Langer
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Notes & Comment: Anticipation
Now that we have entered a "post-" everything world, can "pre-" be far behind?
by Cullen Murphy

Foreign Affairs: Behind the Chrysanthemum Curtain
Our correspondent sought out the courtiers who maintain a bewildering establishment: the Japanese monarchy.
by Gale Eisenstodt

Personal File: The Lovely, Lovely
Mrs. Marvelous, waiting for what's coming.
by Lynn Freed

Humor, Fiction, & Poetry

My Mother's First Lover
A short story
by Margo Rabb

seahorse picture Naps
A poem
by Stanley Plumly

A drawing
by Guy Billout

seahorse picture Brooklyn Snapshot
A poem
by Anna Rabinowitz

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Arts & Leisure

Travel: A Bird's-eye View of Nepal
A trek in which the peak experience is ornithological.
by Valerie Lester

Music: Corn Bread When I'm Hungry
The music of the banjo player and singer Dock Boggs is enjoying a revival. The music criticism that comes with it is a small price to pay.
by William Hogeland

Art: Cutting-Edge but Comfy
London, to the surprise of many observers, has become a vibrant showcase for contemporary art that ordinary people are actually eager to see.
by Carol Kino


Richard Hofstadter's Tradition
An assessment at the half-century mark.
by David Greenberg

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The November Almanac

The Puzzler
by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

Word Court
by Barbara Wallraff

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