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mcvs9806 picture seahorse picture The Southern Captivity of the GOP

The Republican "capture" of the South, which helped to give the party control of both houses of Congress, has been so complete that southern cultural values and political agendas now hold the party as a whole in thrall. The result is a problem at the national level that the Republicans cannot easily overcome. As this southern control grows, the party alienates voters in other regions -- even conservative voters.

by Christopher Caldwell

  • Web-Only: Is the Party Over?
    An Atlantic Unbound Roundtable on the fate of the GOP, hosted by Atlantic senior editor Jack Beatty.

  • The Social Contradictions of Japanese Capitalism

    The economic woes of Asia have been much written about -- in purely economic terms. But behind many of those woes lies a social crisis in Japan, whose modern young people inhabit a pre-modern society. It is a crisis that perhaps only a social revolution can resolve.

    by Murray Sayle
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    Notes & Comment: A Good Climate for Investment
    The steps we need to take to protect the environment could create a surge of economic growth.
    by Ross Gelbspan

    Urban Planning: Moving the Bell
    Neither the Liberty Bell nor Independence Hall is enhanced by its present setting. A brilliant new master plan reconfigures these central elements of Philadelphia's urban landscape.
    by Witold Rybczynski

    Personal File: That Was Me on TV
    At the bottom of every talk-show lineup is the becalmed position known as the author's slot, where our correspondent has spent much of his television career.
    by Roy Blount Jr.

    Fiction & Poetry

    A poem
    by Teresa Cader

    seahorse picture Electric Wizard
    A short story
    by Elizabeth Stuckey-French

  • Web-Only: Wise Kids, Childish Adults
    An Atlantic Unbound interview with Elizabeth Stuckey-French.

    seahorse picture From the Greek
    Poems translated
    by Brooks Haxton

  • Web-Only: Children of Orpheus
    A companion essay by David Barber on the lyric poets of Greek antiquity.

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  • Arts & Leisure

    Travel: Beyond Prague
    The Czech Republic's capital may be considered passé by some, but the countryside resides in that happy state between ripeness and unreadiness for tourism. And, of course, there is the beer.
    by James Fallows

    Food: Better Butter
    The words "fresh sweet-cream butter" describe a very fine kind of butter indeed. But butter can get even better than that.
    by Corby Kummer


    "Discovering" Young Poets
    The Yale Younger Poets Anthology, edited by George Bradley
    by Peter Davison

    How McKinley Begot Franco
    Empire by Default, by Ivan Musicant; Cuba Libre, by Elmore Leonard
    by Francis X. Rocca

    Brief Reviews
    by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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    Speaking Volumes
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