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Roy Blount Jr. ("That Was Me on TV") is a contributing editor of The Atlantic and a columnist for The Oxford American. His article in this issue appears, in somewhat different form, in his memoir, Be Sweet: A Conditional Love Story, to be published this month by Alfred A. Knopf.

Teresa Cader ("Correspondence") is the author of two collections of poems: Guests (1991), which won the Norma Farber First Book Award from the Poetry Society of America, and The Paper Wasp, to be published this fall.

Christopher Caldwell ("The Southern Captivity of the GOP") is a senior writer for The Weekly Standard and also writes a weekly Washington column for the New York Press. His articles have appeared in The American Spectator, Commentary, The Wall Street Journal, George, and many other publications.

Peter Davison ("'Discovering' Young Poets"), was a Yale Younger Poet in 1963. He has been the poetry editor of The Atlantic since 1972.

Ross Gelbspan ("A Good Climate for Investment") is a former journalist for The Philadelphia Bulletin, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe. His latest book is The Heat Is On: The High-Stakes Battle Over Earth's Threatened Climate (1997).

Brooks Haxton ("From the Greek") is a resident poet at Syracuse University. His most recent book of poems is The Sun at Night (1995). Haxton is at work on a book of translations of Greek poets.

Jason Kowal (At Last Count) is the managing editor at TeleGeography, a publisher of reports on the international telecommunications market, in Washington, D.C.

Francis X. Rocca ("How McKinley Begot Franco"), a former Fulbright fellow in Spain, is the managing editor of The American Spectator. He has written for The Wall Street Journal and The Times Literary Supplement.

Witold Rybczynski ("Moving the Bell") is the Martin and Margy Meyerson Professor of Urbanism at the University of Pennsylvania. His most recent book is City Life: Urban Expectations in a New World (1995).

Murray Sayle ("The Social Contradictions of Japanese Capitalism") has traveled widely in Asia and has written for "most of the magazines that still publish substantial pieces in English." He has addressed the Japan Policy Research Institute of San Diego on some of the themes in his article in this issue.

Elizabeth Stuckey-French ("Electric Wizard") recently received the James Michener Grant from the University of Iowa, to enable her to complete a collection of short stories.

J. C. Suarès (cover art) is an author and illustrator who has contributed to various publications, including New York, Variety, and Publishers Weekly. Two new books by Suarès will be published this fall: Dogs in Love and Cool Cats.

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The Atlantic Monthly; June 1998; Contributors; Volume 281, No. 6; page 6.

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