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The June 1998 Puzzler
by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

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  • ACROSS and Down clues are given in no special order, but their answers do belong in symmetrically matching spots in the grid. Since the diagram contains no bars to show where entries begin and end, we offer six Guidelines (shaded rows and columns) to help you find your way. Each Guideline contains a pair of entries totaling 13 letters; these two entries are clued consecutively in each case, but the six Guidelines are listed randomly. An additional guide is given by the nine circled letters occurring at the Guidelines' intersections, reading from left to right and top to bottom. Clue answers include eight capitalized words.

    See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


    a. Debut of "Guidelines," with sharp new diagrams (6); Stuff amplifier into electrical connector (3-4)
    b. Meat company caught in Prohibition (5); Republican attorney criticizes run-down buildings (8)
    c. Herb's shilling added to money deposited with the court (5); Catching cold, mother experiments with molds (8)
    d. Prepare a salad including -- voila! -- crisp tortillas (8); Archer's weapon that is a sort of knife (5)
    e. Ground resistance assumed by Prisoner of War Act (8); Endorse a letter from Greece for a Congolese native (5)
    f. One on board mixes up flights (6); Goodness of people using army vehicles?

    1. Discover large gain (5)
    2. Nursery supplies 501 newly developed pears (7)
    3. Meanspirited sort of notice is found in street (6)
    4. Jewelry given at evaluations (7)
    5. French priests live in some classrooms, ignoring principal (5)
    6. Fort in area between Alabama and Missouri (5)
    7. Partners of drunkards seizing pitcher (7)
    8. Bird bath with red line (7)
    9. Dishonest, taking flight without pilot (5)
    10. Man at the Pole is Antarctica's occupant (5)
    11. Baby bear's eating second of the little fishes (5)
    12. Five well-wishers at heart for every spiteful person (5)
    13. Delay ceremony, having supernatural power (7)
    14. End of some twiggy, dark wood (5)
    15. Gym rat exercising in Jordanian archaeological site (5)
    16. Male and female kiss, surrounded by witnesses (5)
    17. Sea god weighing 6,000 pounds? (6)
    18. Giant Harley Davidson carrying follower toward the West (7)

    1. Maintaining union, inaugurates some British rulers (7)
    2. Group fruit fight (7)
    3. In India, money raised going into grass, mostly (5)
    4. Navy only ordered material (5)
    5. String is wrapped around foremost of evil creatures in Greek myth (7)
    6. Drains out low points (6)
    7. Dances around British insurgents (6)
    8. Drop off last of booze behind a club (5)
    9. Hot pursuits of NEA grantees' bucks (5)
    10. Get lime mostly blended in cocktail (6)
    11. Complained about piano in Spellbound (7)
    12. With kitty, mount a tree (7)
    13. See GI mistakenly attack (5)
    14. Paid athlete with unfulfilled promise in Utah city (5)
    15. Heat to remove unwanted stuff from fish (5)
    16. Leave British dramatist king's hunting bird (7)
    17. Pays for eating orange lifesavers (5)
    18. Busy, I put Ed off (4,2)

    Copyright © 1998 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
    The Atlantic Monthly; June 1998; The Puzzler; Volume 281, No. 6; page 115.

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