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mcvs9807 picture Travels Into America's Future

The American West -- with its vast collisions of people and resources, of people and government, of people and other people -- offers a view of history on fast-forward, where the forces transforming all of North America are nakedly at work.

by Robert D. Kaplan


The author some years ago became a churchgoer, a "jarringly pale face" in the congregation of a black Baptist church. This is the story of her Sundays.

by Emily Hiestand

The Writing Life

You've got to hire the right people. You've got to know how to manage. Above all, you've got to delegate.

by Ian Frazier
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Notes & Comment: A Republic -- If We Can Keep It
Campaign-finance corruption threatens the American experiment itself.
by Joseph Lieberman

The Environment: The Danger of Space Junk
Facing up to the newest garbage crisis.
by Steve Olson

Americana: Sculptures in Leather
The saddlemakers of Sheridan, Wyoming.
by Jane and Michael Stern

Government: Nine Misconceptions About Social Security
Is the "trust fund" really just a bookkeeping charade? Much of what we take for granted may be untrue.
by Dean Baker

Humor, Fiction, & Poetry

seahorse picture Aubade
A poem
by Terese Svoboda

seahorse picture I Studied Love
A poem
by Yehuda Amichai

American Flamingo
A poem
by Greg Pape

seahorse picture Everything in This Country Must
A short story
by Colum McCann

  • Web-Only: Some Strange Vessel
    An Atlantic Unbound interview with Colum McCann.

    A drawing
    by Guy Billout

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  • Arts & Leisure

    Travel: Autumn Becomes Ireland
    The days are short, the shadows are long, the roads are lonely -- a perfect time for Ireland.
    by Richard Todd

    Sport: Dark Passage
    An excursion into California's longest known cave.
    by Andrew Todhunter


    The Voice of Economic Nationalism
    The Great Betrayal, by Patrick J. Buchanan
    by Eyal Press

    More Is Less
    The Fall of a Sparrow, by Robert Hellenga
    by Ralph Lombreglia

    Brief Reviews
    by Phoebe-Lou Adams

    Other Departments

    77 North Washington Street


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    The July Almanac

    At Last Count
    To See and Be Seen
    by Allan Reeder

    The Puzzler
    by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

    Word Court
    by Barbara Wallraff

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