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Yehuda Amichai ("I Studied Love") is a leading poet in Israel, where his book Open Closed Open was just published.

Dean Baker ("Nine Misconceptions About Social Security") is the author of Getting Prices Right: The Battle Over the Consumer Price Index (1997).

Ian Frazier ("The Writing Life") is the author of Family (1994) and Coyote v. Acme (1996). Last year he won the first Thurber Prize for American Humor.

Emily Hiestand ("Hymn") is a writer and an artist. Her essay in this issue will appear in Angela the Upside-Down Girl, to be published this month by Beacon Press.

Robert D. Kaplan ("Travels Into America's Future") is a contributing editor of The Atlantic. His article in this issue will appear, in somewhat different form, in his new book, An Empire Wilderness: Travels Into America's Future, to be published by Random House in late summer.

Joseph Lieberman ("A Republic -- If We Can Keep It"), a two-term Democratic senator from Connecticut, serves on the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

Ralph Lombreglia ("More Is Less") is the author of Men Under Water (1990) and Make Me Work (1994).

Colum McCann ("Everything in This Country Must") is the author of Songdogs (1995), Fishing the Sloe-Black River (1996), and This Side of Brightness (1998).

Matt McCourt and Carl Dahlman (At Last Count) are graduate students in the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky. Allan Reeder is a staff editor of The Atlantic.

Steve Olson ("The Danger of Space Junk") is the author of Shaping the Future: Biological Research and Human Values (1989).

Greg Pape ("American Flamingo"), a professor of English at the University of Montana, is the author of Storm Pattern (1992) and Sunflower Facing the Sun (1992).

Eyal Press ("The Voice of Economic Nationalism") is a contributing editor of Lingua Franca.

Jane and Michael Stern ("Sculptures in Leather") are the authors of Way Out West (1993); Happy Trails: Our Life Story (1994), with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; and Dog Eat Dog (1997).

Terese Svoboda ("Aubade") is the author of several poetry collections, including Mere Mortals (1995).

Richard Todd ("Autumn Becomes Ireland"), a former executive editor of The Atlantic, teaches in the American Studies program at Smith College.

Andrew Todhunter ("Dark Passage") is the author of Fall of the Phantom Lord, which grew out of "The Precipitous World of Dan Osman" (February, 1996, Atlantic) and will be published next month.

David Wilcox (cover art) is an illustrator whose work has appeared in Esquire and New York. He has received a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators.

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The Atlantic Monthly; July 1998; Contributors; Volume 281, No. 6; page 6.

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