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The July 1998 Puzzler

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

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  • Nine-Hole Course

    THE diagram represents a golf course, and each clue answer represents one shot. Players begin at the tee in the upper-left corner and proceed toward the first hole (marked 1). Each shot is a straight line entered in the grid left, right, up, down, or on a diagonal, and each new shot begins in the square where the last one stopped. The hole marked 1 is thus the tee-off square for the sequence of shots approaching 2, and so on. Do not shoot through a numbered hole; and please avoid the trees. It may help to remember that each set of clues is numbered for the hole toward which it is proceeding. Answers include seven capitalized words; 3c is a bit outdated; 7a and 8a are not in everyday use.

    See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


    1a. Drive hit in confidence ... (6)
    1b. ... over most of the long grass off the fairway (7)
    1c. Going around tree, the shot calls for a hard hat (6)
    1d. Cross shooter with putter (6)
    1e. Feel sorry about missing the first birdie? (5)

    2a. Scores for everyone involved in links (7)
    2b. A putt's rolling around golfer's rear boot? (5,2)
    2c. One more LPGA lunatic's incipient remarks (11)

    3a. Story by one in the debut of Tin Cup (5)
    3b. Clinton, with first of clubs he left next to water (7)
    3c. A quartet heard previously (5)
    3d. In hesitation, a mistake brings about a flap? (7)
    3e. Tentatively explore cost with lummox (4,3)

    4a. Chirac's very small toupee piece (5)
    4b. Signal for quiet before a mallard's first quack (4)
    4c. Old manor remodeled in English countryside (8)

    5a. People who predict improved drive-ins (8)
    5b. Starlets taking the odds with an experienced sailor (4)
    5c. Contractual arrangements for the emptied rooms (5)
    5d. Cattle drive (5)
    5e. Spool of line for an angler's redfish? (4)

    6a. Our lies could be worse (7)
    6b. Holler, making HR wave (6)
    6c. Runs and screams and smells like a skunk (5)
    6d. "Son, a thing that will make you older and wiser ... " (5)
    6e. A computer's memory stuff (3)

    7a. One of the Furies, big-time? (7)
    7b. Painting of topless trollop (3)
    7c. More than one topic appears to someone with a lisp? (6)

    8a. Letter in Hebrew from previously mentioned pair of churchmen (6)
    8b. The lady's right address in Bonn (4)
    8c. Indian name rendered in Dravidian (4)

    9a. An outcast from Islam, he cracked up (7)
    9b. Dixie general in conversation with Gone With the Wind star (5)
    9c. Listen to toccata's beginning and middle (5)

    Copyright © 1998 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
    The Atlantic Monthly; July 1998; The Puzzler; Volume 282, No. 1; page 107.

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