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mcvs9802 picture seahorse pictureCan't Anybody Here Play This Game?

The sad truth about the CIA, the author, a former CIA case officer, writes, is that it has "for years been running an espionage charade in most countries, deceiving itself and others about the value of its recruited agents and intelligence production."

by Edward G. Shirley

seahorse picture In a companion article Robert D. Kaplan considers whether the Army should take on covert action.

Lincoln's Affair of Honor

In September of 1842 Abraham Lincoln, then a rising young lawyer and politician, was challenged to a duel by a man he had ridiculed in print. Lincoln accepted.

by Douglas L. Wilson

seahorse pictureA Few Hundred People Turned to Bone

The scientific and human face of a rare illness that causes muscles, tendons, and ligaments to ossify relentlessly.

by Thomas Maeder
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seahorse picture Notes & Comment: The Thread of Time
Some have expressed doubts about Madeleine Albright's claim that until recently she was unaware of her family's Jewish heritage. The author, herself a wartime Jewish refugee, offers not doubts but a lesson in historical imagination.
by Kitty La Perriere

seahorse picture Astronomy: When Is a Planet Not a Planet?
A move is afoot to demote Pluto to the status of an asteroid. The issue has sent some scientists into orbit.
by David H. Freedman

seahorse picture Personal File: A Means of Transport
On an escalator in the Moscow subway, passengers make a rare descent into civility.
by Jeffrey Tayler

Fiction & Poetry

All Things, All at Once
A short story
by Lee K. Abbott

seahorse picture Among English Verbs
A poem
by Kay Ryan

seahorse picture Falling Water
A poem
by Peter Davison

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Arts & Leisure

seahorse picture Travel: Inside Anatolia
Turkey has become a hot destination, and the popularity of its coastal resorts is well known. That is all the more reason to consider visiting the country's vast and exotic interior.
by Hatsy Shields

seahorse picture Music: Not Singing Too Much
Thinking of the pianist, singer, and lyricist Dave Frishberg as the Woody Allen of song captures only part of him.
by Francis Davis

seahorse picture Movies: A Star-Making Performance
The actor Alan Rickman's finest role comes in the director Roger Spottiswoode's greatest movie, from one of Dennis Potter's oddest screenplays.
by Lloyd Rose


A Thriller With Something on Its Mind
Night Train, by Martin Amis
by Frank Kermode

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The Puzzler
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