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Lee K. Abbott ("All Things, All at Once") is the director of the Master of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing at Ohio State University. His most recent collection of stories, Wet Places at Noon, was published last year.

Francis Davis ("Not Singing Too Much"), a contributing editor of The Atlantic, is the author of The History of the Blues (1995) and Bebop and Nothingness (1996).

Peter Davison ("Falling Water") is the poetry editor of The Atlantic Monthly. His books include The Fading Smile: Poets in Boston (1994) and The Poems of Peter Davison 1957-1995, published in paperback last year.

David H. Freedman ("When Is a Planet Not a Planet?") is a contributing editor of Forbes ASAP and Discover magazine. His most recent book, At Large, written with Charles C. Mann, will be published in paperback this spring.

Robert D. Kaplan ("Special Intelligence") is a contributing editor of The Atlantic.

Frank Kermode ("A Thriller With Something on Its Mind"), a former King Edward VII Professor of English Literature at Cambridge University, is the author of many books, including Not Entitled (1995), a memoir.

Kitty La Perriere ("The Thread of Time") is a former director of education at the Ackerman Institute for the Family and is currently in private practice as a psychotherapist in New York City.

Ross MacDonald (Cover Art) is an illustrator whose work has appeared in many publications in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Thomas Maeder ("A Few Hundred People Turned to Bone") is the author of Children of Psychiatrists (1989) -- a portion of which appeared in somewhat different form as "Wounded Healers," the cover article in the January, 1989, Atlantic -- and Adverse Reactions (1994).

Lloyd Rose ("A Star-Making Performance") is the theater critic for The Washington Post.

Kay Ryan ("Among English Verbs") is the author of four books of poetry, including Elephant Rocks (1996).

Hatsy Shields ("Inside Anatolia") writes regularly on travel and the arts.

Edward G. Shirley ("Can't Anybody Here Play This Game?") is a pseudonymous former case officer in the CIA's Directorate of Operations. He is the author of Know Thine Enemy: A Spy's Journey Into Revolutionary Iran (1997).

Jeffrey Tayler ("A Means of Transport") is a writer who lives in Moscow.

Douglas L. Wilson ("Lincoln's Affair of Honor") is the Saunders Director of the International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello, in Charlottesville, Virginia. His article in this issue is drawn from Honor's Voice: The Transformation of Abraham Lincoln, to be published this month by Alfred A. Knopf.

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The Atlantic Monthly; February 1998; Contributors; Volume 281, No. 2; page 6.

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