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"Back in the Labyrinth"
(Solution to the November Puzzler)

Solution to the November Puzzler

Extra letters dropped in the trail spell BREADCRUMBS. Across. 1a. SOURCE (anag.) b. PAN + DA (ad rev.) 2a. A + C(RE)AGE b. STAR(e) 3a. RE(TIRE)D b. AMEN(d) 4a. (s)MILE b. EL + LIPS + E 5a. CHIN + A b. MA(RB)LE 6a. I AM + B b. CEREALS (homophone) 7a. RE(BO)X b. TES + TED (rev.) 8a. G + NOME b. HATRED (anag.) 9a. B(IKE)R b. ST(R)OVE 10a. O + USE(L)S b. EID + ER (rev.) 11a. ARCHER (double def.) b. TRES + S Maze. a. A(RM)C + HAIR b. EM + I + LIE (me rev.) c. COUR(T)IER d. CAR + E(v)EN e. BOO + KING f. BOARS (homophone) g. CHE(ERLE)SS h. H(EXAM + ET)ER i. AL(LEG)E j. P(l)EASANT k. DARNS (double def.) l. EMPIRE STATE (anag.) m. TRIODE (anag.) n. SE(V)ER o. (s)TALE p. S(LED)DERS (dress anag.)

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The Atlantic Monthly; December 1998; Answers to the November Puzzler; Volume 282, No. 6; page 113.

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