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"Nine-Hole Course"
(Solution to the July Puzzler)

Solution to the July Puzzler

1a. T(H)RUST 1b. TH(e) + ROUGH 1c. H(ELM)ET (the anag.) 1d. T + RIFLE 1e. (r)EGRET 2a. T(ALL)IES 2b. STA(R)T UP (a putt's anag.) 2c. PROLEGOMENA (anag.) 3a. AT + T(I) + C 3b. C + HE + L + SEA 3c. AFORE (a four homophone) 3d. E(A)R + MUFF 3e. FEE + LOUT 4a. TRES + S 4b. SH + A + M 4c. MOORLAND (anag.) 5a. DIVINERS (anag.) 5b. SALT (odd letters) 5c. T(h)E + RMS 5d. STEER (double def.) 5e. R + EEL 6a. LOUSIER (anag.) 6b. ROLLER (r for h in holler) 6c. R + EEKS 6d. S + AGER 6e. RAM (double def.) 7a. MEGA + ERA 7b. (t)ART 7c. THEMES (lisped seems) 8a. SAME + CH 8b. HER + R 8c. RAVI (hidden) 9a. ISHMAEL (anag.) 9b. LEIGH (homophone) 9c. HEAR + T

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The Atlantic Monthly; August 1998; Answers to the July Puzzler; Volume 282, No. 2; page 107.

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