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The October 1997 Puzzler

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

Haunted House

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  • THE house pictured above is possessed by a malignant spook. As solvers will discover to their horror, this troublesome shade is perpetrating pranks of a typically ghostly nature. (To be specific, parts of eight answers are tampered with rather mischievously inside the house.) The situation calls for an exorcism, which solvers must perform. The ousted entities will spell (in order with Acrosses preceding Downs) the object of the exorcism. Five answers are capitalized; 3 Down is a variant spelling.

    See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


    3. Signs of a revenant showing up to this place (2,3)
    5. Greek poet rearranging his ode (6)
    6. A British pol in crackpot's satire (7)
    8. Drink with band's leader before a dance (5)
    9. Different article in operating room (5)
    12. Mourn for Madagascar's last wading bird (6)
    14. Skill possessed by senior English writer (6)
    17. Members of the clergy most active with van in the rear (7)
    18. Youngsters needing guardians on sharp rocks (7)
    20. Running into Nigerian seaport's shallow waters (7)
    21. Unchanging tribe's chief dressed in black (6)
    23. Oafs pocketing fine round watches (8)
    25. Principles of the heartless profits (6)
    26. Know how to copy an appetizer (6)
    27. Start suddenly and tick Jabbar off (10)
    28. Former president in Communist Rumania (6)
    29. Queue for bit of porridge and milk in Paris (5)
    30. Like an idiot, backwardly renders name (6)
    31. Wilder view: a river in the Northeast (7)

    1. Confusion with a General Electric commercial (7)
    2. Eating doughnut tired out boss of some reporters (6)
    3. Shot the same insect twice (6)
    4. Somebody cheering for a drunken torero (6)
    6. Copper layer cut into square shapes (5)
    7. Males turned on female's last relative in retribution (7)
    8. The first person in Germany, among others, with the most bread (7)
    10. Almost flushing a substance to rub on a bow (5)
    11. Walk back carrying a yard tool for birds (9)
    13. 1971 Carole King song to T. S. Eliot, a degenerate (3,3,4)
    15. Ruby, after most of booze, sporting facial hair (9)
    16. Comrade catches two members of church in a scheme (9)
    18. Underground part of a plant ruined oat crop (4,3)
    19. Homer interrupts Gus, coming back with an expression of unconcern (5)
    22. One of the French simply not fair (6)
    24. Kiwi, for example, in strange attire (6)

    Copyright © 1997 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
    The Atlantic Monthly; October 1997; The Puzzler; Volume 280, No. 4; page 119.

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