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mcvs9711 picture seahorse pictureWarm-Blooded Plants and Freeze-Dried Fish

How humanity will colonize the solar system. The first in a series of articles about the twenty-first century.

by Freeman J. Dyson

seahorse picture Typewriter Man

For Martin Tytell, the machinery of writing has been a life's work.

by Ian Frazier

seahorse picture Our Real China Problem

Industrialization has deeply polluted China's air, land, and water -- a development with global implications.

by Mark Hertsgaard

seahorse picture The Reading Wars

Improbably, a dispute over pedagogical method is now hot politics in California.

by Nicholas Lemann

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seahorse picture Notes & Comment: DNA Fatigue
by Cullen Murphy

seahorse picture Politics: A Democrat Who Admits It
Richard Gephardt, a possible contender for the presidency, wants to make the case for big government respectable again.
by James Fallows

Personal File: A Memory of the Nineteen-Nineties
Awaiting Enoch Soames.
by Teller

seahorse picture Urban Life: Thin Walls, Bad Neighbors
How to survive in a Moscow apartment.
by Jeffrey Tayler

Humor, Fiction, & Poetry

seahorse picture The New World
A poem
by Philip Levine

seahorse picture No Escape
A poem
by Peter Davison

seahorse picture The Disappearing Alphabet
A poem
by Richard Wilbur

A drawing
by Guy Billout

The Half-Skinned Steer
A short story
by E. Annie Proulx

seahorse picture Childlessness
A poem
by Henri Cole

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Arts & Leisure

Travel: A Taste of Asia
Cooking schools in Thailand.
by Corby Kummer

Music: Redeeming the Rake
Stravinsky's difficult opera.
by David Schiff

Movies: The Poses of Howard Hawks
Behind the self-made images.
by Garry Wills


seahorse picture The Conservative Line on Race
America in Black and White, by Stephan Thernstrom and Abigail Thernstrom
by Glenn C. Loury

  • Web-Only:
    Roundtable: Race in America

    A special interactive discussion featuring Glenn C. Loury, Christopher Edley Jr., Dinesh D'Souza, and Nicholas Lemann.

    seahorse picture All Ireland's Bard
    W. B. Yeats, by R. F. Foster
    by Seamus Heaney

    Feminism's Unfinished Business
    Speaking of Sex, by Deborah Rhode
    by Katha Pollitt

    Brief Reviews
    by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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