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The September 1997 Puzzler

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


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  • ANSWERS to the "Board" clues are to be entered twoletters (in consecutive pairs) to a square. Answers to the "Pieces" clues are to be entered one letter per square, starting in the squares indicated by the clue numbers and then proceeding in appropriate chess moves. Pawns (P) move in straight lines either up or down the board. Rooks (R) move up, down, or sideways, turning at right angles. Knights (Kn) trace two L shapes beyond their starting squares, twice moving two nondiagonal steps in one direction followed by one step to the side. Bishops (B) move on the diagonal. Kings (K) and queens (Q) are free to move up, down, sideways, or diagonally. "Pieces" clues alternate between the first player's moves (each of which ends in a different top-row square) and the second player's moves (each of which ends in a different bottom-row square). The top and bottom rows will consist of eight letters each, spelling out the players' names. Because all the other squares contain two letters, you must decide which of each pair to use for a "Pieces" answer. (Every letter derived from a "Board" word is used, once, by a "Pieces" word.) Answers include three capitalized words.

    See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


    a. First of squares on board is secure (35,26,54)
    b. Make error in box (37,47,39)
    c. Outdoor diners choose pants in conversation (38,41,9,14,18)
    d. Sing an "E" -- that's nice (25,51,10)
    e. Empty cup turned brownish purple (11,20)
    f. Hesitating to own jewelry (50,28,42,32)
    g. Go north for raise (43,55,31)
    h. Ground or a vista for pilots (30,23,16,13)
    i. Network identified in game show (29,15)
    j. A sleazy newspaper covering part of Spain (53,45,17)
    k. Silk stocking was shocking when viewed in return footpath (33,22,44,34)
    l. Mail charges got passe, oddly (40,19,49,24)
    m. Sources of vexation for troop's top brasses (21,12,27)
    n. Announced markdown for boating gear (36,46)
    o. Waiter, almost gone, taking bow (52,48,56)

    P33. Great surprise from small pawn (5)
    Kn45. Party received knight (7)
    Q19. Badly strain a queen (7)
    K35. King involved in identical deception (4,4)
    R48. Ponder faction right behind rook (8)
    B15. Infiltration of bishop's domain by knight's supporter (7)
    Kn20. Russian writer in check, off in the audience (7)
    R11. Bag of bananas matron ate up (11)
    K35. Roman magistrates kid during songs (8)
    Kn40. Saw rover in lead (7)
    B46. Leo packs gun smoothly (6)
    P36. Exchange backhands? (4)
    R30. Eve's vicar twisted the other way around (4,5)
    B19. Episodic story of grain recited (6)
    B41. Makes a lot of money from tips put in coffee container (6,2)
    Q54. Godzilla nearly buries street (4)

    Copyright © 1997 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
    The Atlantic Monthly; November 1997; The Puzzler; Volume 280, No. 5; page 135.

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