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seahorse picture My Race Problem -- and Ours

A prominent black intellectual asks: Should American blacks embrace any measure of racial unity, racial loyalty, racial solidarity, racial kinship -- as many black leaders explicitly urge or implicitly countenance? No, they should not, he argues, for reasons that are at once practical and philosophical.

by Randall Kennedy

The Man Who Counts the Killings

The statistical litany about violence on television is by now as familiar and ritualized as ... well, as violence on television. George Gerbner -- brooding emigré, visionary academic, aging zealot -- has probably spent more time than anyone else in America evaluating the effect of television on individuals and society. Now he has launched a crusade.

by Scott Stossel
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Notes & Comment: The Disunited States
Transferring power and responsibility from Washington to the state capitals is a popular idea these days, but "devolution" will bring new problems -- and exacerbate old ones.
by John D. Donahue

seahorse picture Foreign Affairs: Hidden Colors
As Berlin rebuilds, the old buildings on one desolate city block tell their stories.
by David Lawday

Psychology: So Long to Bad Dogs
Animal-behavior therapists don't say "Tell me about your childhood," but they can change the habits of troublesome or dangerous dogs.
by Mark Derr

Humor, Fiction, & Poetry

The Embrace
A poem
by Mark Doty

A Word on Statistics
A poem
by Wislawa Szymborska

Puttermesser in Paradise
A short story
by Cynthia Ozick

seahorse pictureMy Daughter at Chess
A poem
by David Solway

A drawing
by Guy Billout

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Travel: Off the Maine Coast
A poet savors the manifold qualities of island life. "The most noticeable quality out there is the silence -- a silence broken by birdcalls, breeze-hiss in the firs, or the indoors whicker of the refrigerator."
by Peter Davison

Sport: Underwater Daredevils
The quest to secure the record for the deepest dive on a single breath.
by Colin Beavan


seahorse picture Abortion in American History
When Abortion Was a Crime: Women, Medicine, and Law in the United States, 1867-1973, by Leslie J. Reagan
by Katha Pollitt

The Crisis of Electoral Politics
The New American Voter, by Warren E. Miller and J. Merrill Shanksk
by Martin P. Wattenberg

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The May Almanac

At Last Count
The Salsa Sectors
by Michael J. Weiss

The Puzzler
by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

Word Court
by Barbara Wallraff
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