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Meg Cimino ("Vigilance"), an attorney and a writer, lives in New York City.

Warren I. Cohen ("China's Strategic Culture") teaches history at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and directs the Asia Program of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, at the Smithsonian Institution.

Steven Cramer ("Villanelle After a Burial") teaches literature at Bennington College. He is the author of The World Book (1992) and Dialogue for the Left and Right Hand, to be published next month.

Peter Davison ("The Laureate as Onlooker") is the poetry editor of The Atlantic Monthly. His books include The Fading Smile: Poets in Boston (1994) and The Poems of Peter Davison 1957-1995, just published in a paperback edition.

Peter Edelman ("The Worst Thing Bill Clinton Has Done") is a professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center.

Ezekiel Emanuel ("Whose Right to Die?") is an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. He is the author of The Ends of Human Life:Medical Ethics in a Liberal Polity (1991) and a member of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission.

Tim Gautreaux ("Welding With Children") is a professor of English at Southeastern Louisiana University and the author of Same Place, Same Things (1996).

Robert Goldstrom (cover art) is an artist whose work has been exhibited widely in the United States. His awards include gold and silver medals from the Society of Illustrators, a silver medal from the Society of Publication Designers, and numerous certificates of merit and of excellence presented by the Society of Illustrators and Communication Arts.

Matthew Gurewitsch ("An Audubon in Sound") is a cultural essayist and lecturer in New York City.

Mark Halpern ("A War That Never Ends") is a technical editor at Scopus Technology, a software company in California.

Robert D. Kaplan ("And Now for the News") is a contributing editor of The Atlantic. His latest book, The Ends of the Earth: A Journey at the Dawn of the 21st Century, has just been published in a paperback edition.

Brad Leithauser ("A Flight up the Coast") is a poet and novelist. His latest novel, The Friends of Freeland, was published in January.

Benjamin Schwarz ("What Jefferson Helps to Explain") is the executive editor of World Policy Journal and a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute.

Hatsy Shields ("British Islets") writes regularly on travel and the arts.

Lester C. Thurow ("The Revolution Upon Us") is a professor of management and economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was dean of the Sloan School of Management, at MIT, from 1987 to 1993. His most recent book, The Future of Capitalism: How Today's Economic Forces Shape Tomorrow's World, was published last year.

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The Atlantic Monthly; February 1997; Contributors; Volume 279, No. 2; page 6.

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