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mcvs9707 picture seahorse picture The Computer Delusion

Schools around the country are dropping traditional subjects to lavish scarce time and money on computers and computer education -- with results that may be at best negligible and at worst harmful.

by Todd Oppenheimer

seahorse picture The Widening Gap Between the Military and Society

The U.S. military is emerging as an increasingly autonomous political force whose values diverge more and more widely from those of the society it is supposed to protect.

by Thomas E. Ricks


The invention of a number denoting nothingness was a signal human achievement, but it also has accounted for much fussing over calendars. The issue of when the millennium should officially begin is only the latest episode.

by Dick Teresi
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Notes & Comment: The Mall of Fame
On a promontory above the Hudson a moldering monument enshrines the transience of immortality.
by Richard Rubin

Foreign Affairs: New-Alphabet Disease?
In Azerbaijan, rich in oil and in nationalist and religious sentiment, orthography is destiny -- and spells trouble.
by Toby Lester

Personal File: Visitations
The cemeteries of a lifetime.
by Gerald Dumas

Humor, Fiction, & Poetry

Field Notes
A poem
by Kelly Cherry

A drawing
by Guy Billout

The Poetry Baron
A short story
by Tess Gallagher

A poem
by Andrew Hudgins

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Arts & Leisure

Travel: A Train in Spain
The passage from Galicia to the Basque Country is called "the gastronomic route" for good reason.
by Lucy McCauley

Movies: Dostoyevsky Behind a Camera
The director Oliver Stone has been criticized on many levels. What the critics miss is his high moral ambition.
by Garry Wills

seahorse picture Sport: Alleycat Couriers
Intrepid and audacious, bicycle messengers now have a sporting event for themselves.
by Marshall Jon Fisher


Surveyors of the Enlightenment
Mason & Dixon, by Thomas Pynchon
by Rick Moody

Chekhov in American
The Plays of Anton Chekhov, translated by Paul Schmidt
by Adam Kirsch

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The July Almanac

The Puzzler
by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

Word Court
by Barbara Wallraff
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