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mcvs9712 picture seahorse pictureWas Democracy Just a Moment?

It is the epoch we have been waiting for: the promise of democracy beckons as the threat of totalitarianism and global war recedes. But the days of the nation-state and democracy as we know it may be numbered, the author argues. In many places the world is already evolving beyond both.

by Robert D. Kaplan

seahorse picture No Middle Way on the Environment

The oldest environmental debate is the one between those who say we are rapidly depleting the planet's resources and those who say we will all pull through just fine. The temptation to look for the truth "somewhere in the middle" may be dangerous folly.

by Paul R. Ehrlich, Gretchen C. Daily, Scott C. Daily, Norman Myers, and James Salzman

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Notes & Comment: But Not Least
An aristocracy of longevity.
by Richard Rubin

seahorse picture Technology: The Computer and the Economy
Why information technology has yet to spur productivity.
by Alan S. Blinder and Richard E. Quandt

Transportation: Rails to Trails
Turning railroad beds into paths is so obviously a good idea that the wonder is that it's actually happening.
by Tony Hiss

Personal File: Doggone
What went around came around.
by Patsy Garlan

Fiction & Poetry

seahorse picture Girdling
A poem
by Robert Morgan

A short story
by John Barth

seahorse picture Tired Sex
A poem
by Chana Bloch

seahorse picture The Dream
A poem
by David Solway

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Arts & Leisure

Travel: Pleasure Islands
The Canaries remain alluring, but don't spend all your time on Tenerife. Try Lanzarote.
by Rose Moss

Music: All Sales Are Vinyl
In Lower Manhattan dozens of stores attest to the commercial vitality of long-playing records.
by Jonathan Scull

Food: Sweetness and Light
Good muscat, the ideal dessert wine, is now made in America.
by Corby Kummer


seahorse picture The Idea of the South
The Oxford Book of the American South, edited by Edward L. Ayers and Bradley C. Mittendorf; Power in the Blood, by John Benley Mays; Dixie Rising, by Peter Applebome
by Benjamin Schwarz

Toward a New Public School
Reinventing Public Education, by Paul T. Hill, Lawrence C. Pierce, and James W. Guthrie
by Theodore R. Sizer

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The December Almanac

seahorse picture At Last Count
Primary Care to Spare?
by Allan Reeder

The Puzzler
by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

Word Watch
by Anne H. Soukhanov

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