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The December 1997 Puzzler

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


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  • ANSWERS to this month's puzzle should be entered in the grid letter by letter at the coordinates given after each clue. When all the letters have been entered, most of them will form a quotation reading from left to right and top to bottom. The remaining letters interrupt the sequence of the quotation and spell out its source; each of these letters is found in three different clue answers. Letters that are found in two different clue answers begin the words of the quotation. Solvers are advised to shade the squares containing the quotation's source, just to complete the picture. Answers include one proper noun.

    See solution to last month's Puzzler.


    1. Take too many drugs and initially hallucinate something with three legs (6) (D5, F12, J4, M9, H2, F5)
    2. Swimmer possessing Spielberg character's charm (6) (C3, F8, D12, I12, G8, K9)
    3. Artist reworked waterway (6) (B4, I5, M7, J1, D2, H1)
    4. Wet blanket just covers female insect (9) (J2, I11, D10, E7, L12, J13, C3, L1, A9)
    5. Feathers Icarus finally attached to arm resulting in fall (9) (F11, K12, I8, K5, G8, L7, J3, M5, B8)
    6. Macho outfielder with superficial wound (3-6) (E3, M6, F3, J7, A1, D1, G9, B7, H4)
    7. Gangster's smuggling worry (5) (C13, G3, A5, D3, J10)
    8. In plot, class cheated (6) (A2, K4, H3, D8, F8, E2)
    9. Channel carrying health resort news story (8) (E2, M11, D3, C2, F10, L11, E12, J9)
    10. Need shower before and after travel way out West, once (5, 5) (K11, G5, J5, F3, M12, D4, H13, C1, A1, I6)
    11. What a service station might do to obtain $1,000 (6) (E3, A3, K11, J4, G12, M13)
    12. Pardon four involved in counterfeit (7) (B10, H11, I11, E7, D9, H7, F8)
    13. Marsupial's bill cut back (6) (E13, F3, B6, I7, G5, I10)
    14. Hit head-on down at the end of steep hill (6) (I7, E5, H10, D13, G10, F11)
    15. Take away two vehicles, backing up truck at first (8) (C10, I9, A10, B11, J11, G11, E12, M1)
    16. Head of teachers has joint in administrative area (8) (G9, M2, H12, I6, L13, C7, J4, F9)
    17. What disturbed member of the Brass family tree (8) (B1, G11, I8, H5, E4, K8, F1, L4)
    18. Time-saving changes evoking pessimistic attitude (10) (L10, E6, J5, D10, A13, I12, H7, C9, G8, F6)
    19. Stroke back of doggy with tool (6) (F4, M4, E9, K2, I3, J10)
    20. Spot is absorbed by catty sound in pasture (6) (A8, L9, J1, E2, D7, I8)
    21. A river in Italy the exec saw (8) (F2, E9, A12, H10, J9, H8, B8, G1)
    22. Verbal authorization in ESPN broadcast (6) (K7, M3, B5, L3, J8, G6)
    23. Trade for row behind me (6) (H9, I3, G9, D9, F7, K3)
    24. Bracelet and piece of chain found in stew (8) (K9, I1, D11, F5, C6, A4, E10, J6)
    25. Strong weed breaking net (6) (E9, L5, D13, I3, G6, K6)
    26. Around charming woman, Ted acted jerky (8) (J10, L6, G4, D4, E12, A6, K10, L2)
    27. Start to develop a headache in European capital (8) (A10, E5, F11, M8, K2, G10, D3, L11)
    28. Fading bone in heap (8) (C12, D6, B3, E8, A2, M4, G6, J2)
    29. Secures Rhode Island animal docs (6) (C5, I4, H7, B2, F13, K7)
    30. At the center, watch aquatic mammal take unsteady steps (6) (H1, C4, D5, G7, J12, A11)
    31. Frustrating flaw in article (9) (K1, H6, L7, G5, C8, A7, D2, D11, J5)
    32. Be important framer, at times? (6) (F6, D10, H5, C11, G10, I11)
    33. Squirrel with nugget around an hour after noon (8) (C6, J9, B9, I2, F6, E5, I13, L3)
    34. Opening reel, before old Western (6) (H12, G4, I6, G13, E1, B12)
    35. Set in plastic mug (5) (L13, E11, G2, I4, D11)
    36. Baseball official wearing shirt backward takes the top prize (8) (D4, B13, G4, K13, A8, M10, L8, B4)

    Copyright © 1997 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
    The Atlantic Monthly; December 1997; The Puzzler; Volume 280, No. 6; page 131.

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