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Roy Blount Jr. ("Diamond Nuggets") is a contributing editor of The Atlantic and a columnist for The Oxford American. His most recent book is Roy Blount's Book of Southern Humor (1994). Blount is at work on a memoir, to be published next spring.

Louise Erdrich ("Satan: Hijacker of a Planet") is the author of several books of fiction, including Love Medicine (1984), The Bingo Palace (1994), and Tales of Burning Love (1996).

James Fallows ("Zoot!") is the editor of U.S. News & World Report and a contributing editor of The Atlantic.

Marshall Jon Fisher ("Artful Restorations") is a freelance writer and a co-author, with David E. Fisher, of Tube: The Invention of Television (1996).

Frank Kermode ("The Academy vs. the Humanities"), a former King Edward VII Professor of English Literature at Cambridge University, is the author of many books, most recent among them a memoir, Not Entitled (1995).

Philip Langdon ("Noisy Highways") is a writer and an editor. His book A Better Place to Live: Reshaping the American Suburb (1994), which grew out of his cover story in the March, 1988, Atlantic, will be published in paperback next month.

Susan Mitchell ("Golden Bough: The Feather Palm") is the Mary Blossom Lee Professor of English at Florida State University. Her most recent book of poems, Rapture (1992), was a National Book Award finalist and the winner of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award.

Thomas Powers ("The Roots of War") is a contributing editor of The Atlantic. He is the author of Heisenberg's War: The Secret History of the German Bomb (1993).

Allan Reeder (At Last Count) is a staff editor of The Atlantic.

Francis X. Rocca ("The King Who Sent the Armada") is a doctoral candidate in Renaissance studies at Yale University, and a former Fulbright fellow in Spain. He has written for The Wall Street Journal, The American Spectator, and Fodor's travel books.

Theo Rudnak (cover art), a freelance illustrator living in Atlanta, has won recognition from the Society of Illustrators, the New York Art Directors Club, and Graphis. He lectures on communications and conceptual design at Syracuse University.

David Schiff ("Classical Appeal") is a composer and a professor of music at Reed College, in Portland, Oregon.

Ellen Ruppel Shell ("Resurgence of a Deadly Disease") is an associate professor of journalism at Boston University, where she directs the graduate program in science journalism. Her work has appeared in Smithsonian, The New York Times Magazine, and Discover. Shell is the author of A Child's Place (1992).

John Skoyles ("History") teaches
poetry writing at Emerson College, in Boston. A new book of his poems, Definition of the Soul, will be published next year.

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The Atlantic Monthly; August 1997; Contributors; Volume 280, No. 2; page 4.

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