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The Cover (Seahorse) Should English Be the Law?

Those who would make English America's official language see a big problem where a problem hardly exists, the author argues -- and they may foster the very divisiveness that they seek to prevent.

by Robert D. King

Vaccinating Against Cancer

"She was a dark-haired, somewhat plump woman, thirty-seven years old and the mother of two teenagers." Meet "Frau H.," whose dramatic experience with cancer has helped to reinvigorate the field of tumor immunology.

by Stephen S. Hall

(Seahorse) More Reefer Madness

America's harsh marijuana laws harm citizen and society alike, the author contends. Meanwhile, politicians compete to make failed policies more harmful yet. Are there any signs of sanity and common sense?

by Eric Schlosser

Humming Appliance Citrus Preserved Reefer Madness

(Seahorse) Notes & Comment: How to Rewrite Economic History
Has the government really been overstating the rise in the cost of living, as a recent report claims?
by Thomas I. Palley

Foreign Affairs: This Side of Ultima Thule
In Siberia freezing temperatures are proving to be no barrier to social decay.
by Jeffrey Tayler

(Seahorse) Personal File: Secondhand Music
Music may soothe the savage breast. So what might a humming appliance do?
by Toby Lester

Fiction & Poetry

(Seahorse) My Daughters in New York
A poem
by James Reiss

Small Consolation
A short story
by Joel Ostrow

(Seahorse) On Mount Timpanogos
A poem
by Peter Davison

(Seahorse) Three Poems
by W. S. Merwin

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Arts & Leisure

Travel: Underground Rome
Some of the most compelling sights in the Eternal City are not in plain sight at all.
by Tom Mueller

Food: Citrus Preserved
Homemade marmalade is worth the effort (and easier than you probably imagine).
by Corby Kummer

Sport: Rough-Terrain Unicycling
In George Peck's creed, one wheel can go anywhere two feet can.
by Michael Finkel


A Man From Mars
On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of John Gunther's Inside U.S.A., reissued this month.
by Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

The Next Liberalism
It Takes a Nation: A New Agenda for Fighting Poverty, by Rebecca M. Blank
by Theda Skocpol

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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