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Michael Finkel ("Rough-Terrain Unicycling") is a contributing editor of Bicycling and Skiing magazines.

Stephen S. Hall ("Vaccinating Against Cancer") is an editor at The New York Times Magazine. His book about immunology, A Commotion in the Blood: Life, Death, and the Immune System, will be published in June by Henry Holt.

Robert D. King ("Should English Be the Law?") holds the Audre and Bernard Rapoport Chair of Jewish Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, where he teaches and writes about linguistics, India, and the Yiddish language. His most recent book, Nehru and the Language Politics of India, was published last year.

Toby Lester ("Secondhand Music") is a new-media editor at The Atlantic.

Mel Lindstrom (cover photograph) is a photo illustrator and commercial photographer in Palo Alto, California, who has received awards from the Western Art Directors Club, Communication Arts magazine, and the American Magazine Association.

W. S. Merwin ("Three Poems") has won many awards for his poetry, including a Pulitzer Prize and a Bollingen Prize. His most recent book is The Vixen (1996).

Tom Mueller ("Underground Rome") lives in Italy and is at work on a novel set in and under Rome.

Joel Ostrow ("Small Consolation") practices law in Chicago. He is at work on a novel.

Thomas I. Palley ("How to Rewrite Economic History") is the assistant director of public policy and economic research for the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C. His Atlantic cover story, "The Forces Making for an Economic Collapse," appeared last July.

James Reiss ("My Daughters in New York") is a professor of English at Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, and the author of three books of poems: The Breathers (1974), Express (1983), and The Parable of Fire (1996).

Arthur Schlesinger Jr. ("A Man From Mars") received the Pulitzer Prize for history in 1946 and the Pulitzer Prize for biography in 1966. Schlesinger's most recent book is The Disuniting of America (1992). He is at work on his memoirs.

Eric Schlosser ("More Reefer Madness") is a contributing editor of The Atlantic. His articles on marijuana and the law, published in The Atlantic in August and September of 1994, won the 1995 National Magazine Award for reporting.

Theda Skocpol ("The Next Liberalism") is a professor of government and sociology at Harvard University. She is the author of Protecting Soldiers and Mothers: The Political Origins of Social Policy in the United States (1992) and Boomerang: Health Care Reform and the Turn Against Government (1996).

Jeffrey Tayler ("This Side of Ultima Thule") is at work on a book about a journey across Russia.

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The Atlantic Monthly; April 1997; Contributors; Volume 279, No. 4; page 8.

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