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Contributors -- September 1996

Elinor Burkett ("In the Land of Conservative Women") is the author of The Gravest Show on Earth: America in the Age of AIDS (1995). She is working on a book titled Re-Righting Feminism: A Political Travelogue Through Conservative America, to be published next year.

Christopher Jane Corkery ("Central and Main") is the author of Blessing (1985). Her work has appeared in Partisan Review.

Robert Crawford (cover art) is an artist whose work has appeared on hundreds of book and magazine covers. His work was chosen for the cover of the premier calendar edition of The Old Farmer's Almanac, and a limited edition of his print Litchfield Evening was recently issued.

Francis Davis ("Victim Kitsch"), a contributing editor of The Atlantic, is the author of The History of the Blues (1995). A collection of his essays, Bebop and Nothingness, was published this spring.

Robert D. Kaplan ("Fort Leavenworth and the Eclipse of Nationhood") is a contributing editor of The Atlantic. His most recent book, The Ends of the Earth: A Journey at the Dawn of the 21st Century, was published this spring by Random House. Several portions of the book first appeared in these pages.

Corby Kummer ("Molten Gold") is a senior editor of The Atlantic. He is the author of The Joy of Coffee (1995).

James Howard Kunstler ("Home From Nowhere") is the author of eight novels, including An Embarrassment of Riches (1985) and The Halloween Ball (1987), and of The Geography of Nowhere: The Rise and Decline of America's Man-Made Landscapes (1994). His article in this issue is drawn from his book by the same title, to be published next month by Simon & Schuster.

Hanif Kureishi ("D'Accord, Baby") received an Academy Award nomination in 1986 for his screenplay for My Beautiful Laundrette. He is the author of The Black Album (1995), a novel. Kureishi's story in this issue will appear in his collection Love in a Blue Time, to be published by Scribner next year.

Cullen Murphy ("The E Word") is the managing editor of The Atlantic and the author of Just Curious (1995), a collection of essays. He writes the comic strip Prince Valiant.

Linda Pastan ("Deer") is the author of nine volumes of poetry, including Heroes in Disguise (1991) and An Early Afterlife (1995).

Jeffrey Tayler ("Vessel of Last Resort") is a writer who lives in Russia, where his work has appeared in The Moscow Times. He spent the summer of last year traveling the Congo River by barge and pirogue.

Barbara Wallraff (Word Court) is a senior editor of The Atlantic.

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The Atlantic Monthly; September 1996; Contributors; Volume 278, No. 3; page 6.

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