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Ernst Toch Resources

The Ernst Toch Archive at the UCLA Music Library contains a rich trove of materials relating to Toch's life and work, including manuscripts; printed scores; disc, CD, and tape recordings; correspondence, reviews and oral histories (notably including that of Lilly Toch). Its coordinates are as follows:

  • Ernst Toch Archive, Music Library Special Collections, Box 951490, UCLA, Los Angeles, Ca. 90045.

  • The Special Collections librarian, Stephen Davison, can be reached at (310) 825-3369 or sdavison@library.ucla.edu.

  • The library's head of operations, Timothy Edwards, can be reached at (310) 825-1665 or tae@library.ucla.edu.

  • The Archive's fax number is (310) 206-7322.

  • The Archive also has a Web site.

The Ernst Toch Society has been established to monitor and promote the composer's musical legacy. Queries should be addressed to Ms. Dina Klemm, the Ernst Toch Society, 2118 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 908, Santa Monica, Ca. 90403. (Telephone: 310-828-2454).

Piano vocal scores of "Scheherazade: The Last Tale" are available through the Society, as is a cassette copy of a two-hour radio documentary on the life and work of Toch (featuring extensive musical examples) that Lawrence Weschler compiled for KCRW and NPR at the time of the composer's centennial in 1987. (The cassette sells for $15.00, including postage, checks payable to the Toch Society.)

Queries regarding performance and rentals of "Scheherazade: The Last Tale" should be directed to Ms. Susan Feder, Schirmer's, 257 Park Ave. So., New York City, 10010--telephone: (212) 254-2100; fax: (212)251-2031.

Toch's book "The Shaping Forces in Music" is available, in paperback, from Dover Publications at 31 East 2nd Street, Mineola, New York ($8.95 plus $4 postage). This edition includes a biographical introduction by Weschler, a prefatory letter from Thomas Mann, and a complete catalog of the composer's music.

Laurel Records has issued a relatively recent CD of Toch chamber works, performed by the Mendelssohn Quartet, including String Quartets opus 26 (1919) and opus 70 (1946), the Divertimenti for String Duos opus 37 (1926) and Dedication (1948). Laurel Records is reachable at 2451 Nichols Canyon Road, Los Angeles, Ca. 90046. (Tel: 213-876-6040; fax: 213-876-6041; e-mail: hgilbert@sprynet.com) Copies of the CD are available at $15.00 (including postage).

The Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater is reachable at Postfach 1447 Bautzen-02604 Germany (attn: Regina Hartling), or via telephone at (3591)58-40 or fax 443-83.

Lawrence Weschler can be reached at 103 Highbrook Ave., Pelham, New York, 10803 (fax: 914-738-7364).

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