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  • The Kabul-ki Dance (2002)
    Inside the cockpit with members of the 391st Fighter Squadron, veterans of the recent air war in Afghanistan. By Mark Bowden

  • Peace Is Hell (2001)
    Every six months the Pentagon sends nearly 4,000 soldiers to Bosnia and brings nearly 4,000 soldiers home. To see how it's done is to understand why keeping peace has become harder than waging war--and why the Pax Americana has stretched the mighty American military to the limit. By William Langewiesche

  • The Widening Gap Between the Military and Society (1997)
    U.S. military personnel of all ranks are feeling increasingly alienated from their own country, and are becoming both more conservative and more politically active than ever before.

  • Blood and Motherly Advice, by Gregg Easterbrook (1997)
    The American Forces Network offers homilies, sports events, and surprisingly graphic depictions of war

  • The Great Society in Camouflage, by Thomas E. Ricks (1996)
    The culture of today's Army derives from a unique blend of liberal and conservative philosophies. Will it survive peacetime transformations intact?

  • Fort Leavenworth and the Eclipse of Nationhood, by Robert D. Kaplan (1996)
    Today, when military intellectuals at Fort Leavenworth ponder America's future -- as much through the reading of ancient history as through the analysis of computerized scenarios -- they are profoundly unsettled by what they see.

  • Colonel Dunlap's Coup, by Thomas E. Ricks (1993)
    A fictionalized essay that has been circulating within the Pentagon offers a blunt warning on several fronts.

  • Army Women, by Charles Moskos (1990)
    A look at the life, the sentiments, and the aspirations -- including, for some, combat -- of women in the U.S. Army, the vanguard service insofar as the role of women in the military is concerned.

  • Success Story: Blacks in the Military, by Charles Moskos (1986)
    Blacks occupy more management positions in the military than in any other sector of American society.

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  • Sex in Camouflage
    a Web-only conversation with Thomas E. Ricks on the Army's sexual-abuse scandal.

  • Reinventing the Military
    a Flashback exploring the military's efforts, past and present, to redefine itself in a rapidly changing world

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