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(Seahorse)What Should Children Learn?

The recent debate over federal guidelines for the teaching of history stirred rancor on both left and right--and the guidelines were dropped. But standards are badly needed in all subject areas, the author, a noted educator, argues.

by Paul Gagnon

The Undiscovered World of Thomas Edison

Only recently have the inventor's papers been examined systematically. They are revising our view of how he thought and worked.

by Kathleen McAuliffe

(Seahorse)A French Mirror

In many ways France is taking an approach towards the twenty-first century that America, alas, would find hard to emulate.

by Hans Koning


Notes & Comment: Surviving Deer Season
The double-edged lessons of hunting.
by Castle Freeman Jr.

(Seahorse)Environment: An Element of Doubt
Lead's widespread reputation as a pervasive menace may not be wholly deserved.
by Ellen Ruppel Shell

Economic Development: The Barefoot Bank With Cheek
A bank in Bangladesh that lends mostly to women has an extraordinary track record.
by David Bornstein

Brief Lives: The Transatlantic Look
A visit with the designer Joseph Abboud.
by Jack Beatty

Fiction & Poetry

The Happy Memories Club
A short story
by Lee Smith

Night Terrors
That Away From Me
A poem
by Alan Shapiro

Progress Report
A poem
by George Mills

The Accident
A poem
by Erica Funkhouser

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Arts & Leisure

(Seahorse) Travel: Hallowed Ground
Jerusalem and elsewhere in the Holy Land through the eyes of a first-time visitor (with a note on dining in Tel Aviv, by Corby Kummer).
by Cullen Murphy

Movies: Realized Ambitions
On the new movie Wild Bill and its director, Walter Hill.
by Michael Sragow

(Seahorse)Food: Don't Call It Cognac
Some of the best cognac-style brandy is American.
by Corby Kummer


(Seahorse) The Conservative 1960s
Turning Right in the Sixties: The Conservative Capture of the GOP, by Mary C. Brennan
by Matthew Dallek

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

Other Departments

(Seahorse)745 Boylston Street


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The December Almanac

Word Watch
by Anne H. Soukhanov

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