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The Atlantic Monthly | July/August 2004
The Puzzler
Room With a View

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The July/August Puzzler

Imagine that the diagram is a rectangular pane of glass in a room offering a view. The sight appearing to you therein will be formed pictorially by the heavy bars, which you must draw. The unclued phrase at 31 Across may clarify the picture. The puzzle is to be solved as a diagramless; clues are numbered normally, and the diagram's heavy bars will display left-right symmetry. Answers include nine capitalized entries and a variant spelling at 22 Down.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1. Some technobabble weirdly creeps me out

12. Hospital room emcee kept in excellent haven (two words)

14. A large group backing current investigator?

16. Lust after bloke on front of Time

17. Stringy things in family restaurants

18. Contributor to the Baltic Sea smell, reportedly

19. Molecule that's helical plus reversed

21. Frost's poetic device discussed

23. Bruin skater starts in on Rangers rink

25. Turkish title, one good one

27. In Crete, nine nuts mutually wreaking havoc

28. What to call a man with goulash in the mouth?

29. Among trees, looking back, I appear amused

30. Face the wrong way for sleep

31. See Instructions

37. Real brown westbound river of Russia

38. Remain behind article in pigpen

39. Peg's afternoon snack announced

40. Stitch yarn around, left, right, and up


1. Ratio, in brief, of carbon and oxygen: not sweet

2. Hotrod—it's not bad for a fixer-upper?

3. Low satellite not fully visible

4. CEO keeps painting hospital room beds in patterns

5. A Parisian opera house not yet encountered

6. Erroneous counts in Southwest urban center

7. Tom who acted English excellently

8. Competition for early care out of hand (two words)

9. Fish in general going backwards

10. Theater worker, a beauty, feeding small songbird (two words)

11. British bigwigs left surrounded by spikes

13. Capsize open container of coffee

15. First exam contains one trap

19. Make room for college housing

20. A good Italian fellow in the first family

22. Soldier's ways of operating thingumbobs

24. Blackbird in panic

26. Take back ring again

32. Column of light Confederate soldiers cut off at the front

33. "Love Two Times" is a Hall of Famer

34. Herb for New Orleans specialty on the tongue

35. Individual note with high emotion

36. Mom, beginning to place face

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