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The Atlantic Monthly | June 2004
The Puzzler
Graphic Arts

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The June Puzzler

Although this puzzle's grid is barless and no lengths are given, most clue answers may be entered normally. A few answers require a little more creativity in their placement. These answers employ the set of PAINTBOX letters already placed in the grid. Clues for these entries are grouped together in no special order, but when a PAINTBOX letter forms a link between two entries, they are clued in order as a pair. An assessment of the finished work is provided by the unclued expression at 17 Across. Seven answers are capitalized.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1. Shoe tongue?

5. Cries about theater's back rows

8. Go on new jet

9. Royal guard changed one May

11. Rock bass pursued by a sailor

12. Approve attack from the rear in Shaft

13. Tell cast about the Thing's baby

14. Article appearing shortly

16. Addict rues cracking up

21. Carried away, covered to the ears

24. John, the man in the Christian era

25. Roosevelt's successor almost receiving a shock

26. California town backpedaling on downtrodden laborer

28. New York nabbed mugger?

30. Some Olympians retired into heavens

31. Bring on popular villain

32. Tries to catch legendary creatures

33. Enjoys sitting behind fathers and Ottoman officials


1. It's cold around one opening of air pipe

2. Bright day in Madrid, with storm on the outskirts

3. Hazardous, changing a fuse around bit of nitroglycerin

4. Views are finally okay

5. Left inside, got front of door stuck in a way

6. Bun that tastes bad with caper

7. Split foremost of roles in star act

10. San Francisco hill the French elevated

11. Crooner Newton in film starring Tom Hanks

14. Rig that I ordered is invulnerable to attack

15. Southeastern alliance's embracing Republican politicians

18. Overhaul Austin Powers's style in film segment

19. Our opponents cross border

20. Take position on water from Mexico in Central American city

22. Changes after the first sign

23. Song about a bishop's place in the Middle East

27. "Love Doctor"'s holding ring and bouquets

29. Snake behind center of the latch

a. Muse about retrospective painting of a sort
Nail lot containing aluminum

b. Rock act seen from behind some trees

c. Cleric remade Babe
With zest, circle dance

d. Firm in Augusta unchanged

e. Best current bargain
Start of play has empty stage

f. A church involved in commie gambling game

g. Sort of map icon Meg redesigned
Howard, practice movement in a concerto

h. Excessively radioactive holmium covered by patent

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The Atlantic Monthly; June 2004; The Puzzler; Volume 293, No. 5; 153.