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THE ATLANTIC | Volume 293 No. 5 | June 2004
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Atlantic cover Letters to the Editor

The Agenda
Dawn of the Daddy State  If terrorism has made a global trend toward greater state power inevitable, then it's important to get authoritarianism right. Here's how
by Paul Starobin

BRIEF LIVES: The Abolitionist  Philip Mangano, a Bush appointee, has some new ideas about homelessness. His question: Will liberals accept compassionate conservatism if it works?
by Douglas McGray

The Heart of the Matter  Is Dick Cheney physically a good risk as Vice President? Seven cardiologists weigh in
by Howard Markel

THE LIST: Rich, Famous, Incarcerated 
by Nathan Littlefield

Al-Qaeda's Understudy  Suicide terrorism has come to Pakistan
by Nasra Hassan

Kerry's Secret Weapon?  Howard Stern could become an unlikely presidential kingmaker
by Ross Douthat

POST MORTEM: The Prototypical Bicycling Monarch  Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (1909-2004)
by Mark Steyn

THE ODDS: Life on Mars 
by Marshall Poe

Primary Sources  Our "unthinkable" environmental future; Iraq's looming ethnic conflict; the most expensive homes in America

THE WORLD IN NUMBERS: ProQuest  Al-Qaeda's Resurgence
by Terrence Henry


The Tragedy of Tony Blair
When he came to office, the Prime Minister seemed another JFK. Now his mystique is dissipated and his promise shattered. The chief cause is the war in Iraq—a war he led his people into against their will, for reasons that were not true
by Geoffrey Wheatcroft
Where Did He Go Wrong?: An Interview with Geoffrey Wheatcroft
Geoffrey Wheatcroft, the author of "The Tragedy of Tony Blair," examines the British Prime Minister's dramatic downward spiral [Web only]
Playing Dirty
This year's presidential campaign is already shaping up to be even more negative than the last. That's no accident. Our correspondent looks at the cloak-and-dagger world of opposition research—the updated version of "dirty tricks"
by Joshua Green

The Assassination Tapes
Lyndon Johnson secretly recorded many of his telephone conversations. The tapes of two 1967 calls provide a rare window into his thoughts after hearing a rumor, later substantiated, that the CIA had plotted to assassinate Fidel Castro
by Max Holland

Greed on Trial
The question before the jurors was not whether legal fees amounting to $7,700 an hour were "unreasonable." It was whether the lawyer-plaintiffs should get $1.3 billion more
by Alex Beam

Squirt Gun  A poem by Robert Morgan [audio]

Loggers  A poem by John Struloeff [audio]

Some Words Inside of Words  A poem by Richard Wilbur [audio]


Books and Critics
New & Noteworthy
Inside the Victorian Home, by Judith Flanders; Family Fortunes, by Leonore Davidoff and Catherine Hall; Public Lives, by Eleanor Gordon and Gwyneth Nair; The Guardians, by Geoffrey Kabaservice; The Greeks and the Irrational, by E. R. Dodds
reviewed by Benjamin Schwarz

Offshoring the Audience
If France makes movies for the French, and America makes movies for the world, who's left to make movies for America?
by David Kipen

Young Men in Shorts
The 1908 Boy Scout manual was, our reviewer writes, "one of the very few books of the twentieth century that actually led to the formation of a worldwide movement"
by Christopher Hitchens

In The Dark
Remember Me, by Trezza Azzopardi
reviewed by Christina Schwarz

Like the Valley Girls who made it famous, the suburban mall is now on the wrong side of forty
by Sandra Tsing Loh

What's For Dinner?
Convenience foods have been doing battle with old-fashioned cooking for half a century. Which side is winning?
by Ann Hodgman


Pursuits and Retreats
MUSIC: A Real Gone Guy
Even though the saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter never went away, his two recent albums are being hailed as a major comeback
by Francis Davis

TRAVELS: Sulfur Island
Everyone recognizes the image of the flag-raising on Iwo Jima. But what do you know about the place we were actually fighting for?
by P. J. O'Rourke

FICTION: Until Gwen
by Dennis Lehane
Hookers, Guns, and Money: An Interview with Dennis Lehane
Dennis Lehane talks about Mystic River, Hollywood, and "fiction of mortal event" [Web only]
The Puzzler by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon

Word Court by Barbara Wallraff

Proper-Name Index by Benjamin Healy

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