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The Atlantic Monthly | April 2004
The Puzzler
Help Wanted

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The April Puzzler

Your overburdened puzzlemakers are seeking assistance and have placed a "Help Wanted" message in this puzzle's grid. Naturally, the message has been cryptically rendered to screen for qualified applicants. Because of the resulting alterations to certain entries, answer lengths have been withheld. Answers include eight capitalized words.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1. Encrypted the ad, keeping center separate

5. South American greeting bar fare?

9. Protect novel version of a utensil

12. Feeble-minded scoundrel holding box

13. Writer on either side of Charly producer

14. Playwright's suggestion after the premiere

15. Agents lifting units

16. Hauntingly beautiful English picked up by abandoned child

21. Buttinsky's broken promise

23. True to a listener's tradition

24. Drama about a patriarch

26. Be fascinated by noise engulfing hockey arena (two words)

28. Poet turned in the direction of actress

29. Reformulation of lens-care disinfectant, perhaps

30. Clobber heavyweight

31. Muslim doctrine is held by carpenter's helper


1. Lower World Cup record

2. Terminate more masculine mammal

3. Grand gold rush

4. Wayward heirs share bead shops

5. Featured performer sings "Westbound"

6. Crumb in opening of soft drink

7. Floated vandal $1,000

8. Greek character penetrating in gracious, artless role

10. Palm, perhaps, inserted in sort of pocket carelessly

11. Internet marketers of technetium in ruins

15. In audition, check flame's colorful display

17. Free ring set in favorite gem

18. Fixes pot payments, accepting two notes

19. Opera taking place among northern animals

20. Gaining interest, has kids spinning bright tops

22. Temporarily leave a jacket

25. A hot new word

26. Marketer of fruit parcel

27. Not one room is standard

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The Atlantic Monthly; April 2004; The Puzzler; Volume 293, No. 3; 155.