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The Atlantic Monthly | October 2003
The Puzzler
Mystery Theater

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The October Puzzler

Answers to fifteen of this puzzle's clues are one letter too long for their places in the grid. The appropriate "extras" from those answers, when transferred to the central "screen" in the order in which they are clued, will form our cryptic feature's title. The unclued two-word entry at 16 Across describes the film's "extras." Eight clue answers are capitalized, and 18 Down is a possibly unfamiliar word.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


4. Writer of mystery essay and verse
5. The woman's going around with German spice cookies
7. For police protagonist, left essential vitamin
10. Fuel mixed in container for tuna
13. Part of Tuscany fit for viewing from the east
14. Shift worn by one freak
17. Charge material in a basket
19. Painter, on the other hand, in bed
21. Fabricated with kitchen equipment
23. Country club losing large article
25. In Norwegian, Ibsen's writing tips
27. Forced open vanity for audit
28. Minor lines about creature of the dark time just ahead (hyph.)
32. Sunny debut of Carole King
33. Capital loss disrupting enthusiasm
34. Vehicle is one involved in church disturbance
35. Holding pole, catch fish for polite society
36. Absolute ruler's point about unusual power


1. Announced underground shelter for town
2. Painting an agent encountered on the way back
3. Pipe containing iron is not so long
5. Elf next to sideline
6. Seattle player tossing coins
7. Related to Liberal Democrat
8. Advanced time for fasting
9. Sweetheart heard what Cupid drew
11. Head of Orion brought back Red River
12. Howard gets into component of bubble gum record
15. Bad actors, bad show
18. Bar act hosted by Martin on TV
20. Mathematician eats nothing on the road
22. Olivia endlessly playing Anthony's second fiddle
24. European city, mostly fabulous place for composer
26. Consequently, fortify console
27. Sets length in part of a suit
29. Soundly beat heavyweight
30. Bring in vase for recital
31. Blank volume and document containing cipher

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