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The Atlantic Monthly | September 2003
The Puzzler

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The September Puzzler

A spoonerism involves the swapping of initial consonant sounds in two words or phrases, such as CHOPSTICKS and STOP CHICKS; COAST GUARD and GHOST CARD; STAY AWAKE and WEIGH A STEAK. It's a homophonic affair; spelling changes appropriately in the newly formed words. In this puzzle 12 clues must have their answers spoonerized for entry in the diagram; 12 clues involve a spoonerism in the definition of the answer; and 12 clues are normal, with answers to be entered normally. Five answers are capitalized.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1. Ship armor with Spam (4,4)
6. Tie boyfriend down while talking (4)
9. Cheer for doctor after introduction (4,2)
10. Bothered after vermin finally chew a door at home (6)
11. Trait of the wise story on Metropolis (8)
14. Buckeye's neighbor who initially pruned willow (7)
15. All noise disturbed reporter (4,4)
16. Turning around, hits Dick with a stagger (4)
19. Audibly charge live bird (6)
21. Exercise routine upsetting to Abe (3,2)
22. Stud changes mind of cop? (4)
25. Like new hype, is something with a point (8)
27. Churning is chore Di heeds (7)
28. Set of sheets to be changed in cozy spot (8)
29. End of year in Mexico: you got redder (6)
30. Clipped item new to alien (7)
31. Kitty's comment about spot in field (6)
32. People he confused, getting a pot to speak (8)


1. Might think about chlorine (6)
2. On the other hand, a Conservative's dowsing reclamation (7)
3. Poet running across Drake at sea (5)
4. Playing low jack with a tense face? (7)
5. Excited by Edward, spoke in a chant (7)
6. Girls going around love lairs with snoops (7)
7. Copy flap in front of book before start of test (5)
8. Strip unwary stranger (6)
12. Note trickle conveying eastern crosscurrent (4,3)
13. Wrongly dub Mr. Moto's debut (7)
17. TV sidekick owns or sold kitty? (7)
18. Price indicator for fish-filled strip (3,4)
19. Kiss crown in spot for hay grounds? (3,4)
20. Data in back-lit glittery sheet (3,4)
21. Organ, say, from snake in island road (8)
23. Blast the French jester with peers (6)
24. Smooth shift essential to houseguests (5)
26. Somewhat lighten the heart of a Pole (5)

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