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The Atlantic Monthly | June 2003
The Puzzler

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The June Puzzler

This puzzle has some outstanding features at the top and the bottom of the grid. The fourteen vertical entries supplying the Standout letters are clued separately and in no special order. All other entries are clued normally, except for the unclued central Across entry, which will reveal the category in which the Standout features hold sway. Two clue answers are capitalized.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's puzzle


1. Make fresh pair of notes containing lists (7)
3. French composer taking in the Italian flop (7)
6. Deer's tenderness articulated (4)
7. Coe is less troubled with two equal legs (9)
8. Half-open volume before test, and practice using charts for exams (9)
9. Handles some rabbits (4)
10. Hired killers dropping the extremities in cement (6)
11. Informed broadcast medium about punch (7)
13. Ridicule a legislator embraced by crackpot (7)
15. Fall in fight appearance (6)
17. Pasta found in reactor zone (4)
18. Selected for duty, stuck around New England (9)
19. Officer and I wander into tangled plant growth (9)
20. Murmur going around minor Italian lake (4)
21. Get steamed about victor's initial cut (7)
22. Cell containing trace of tau particle (7)


2. Scrap for every cat (4)
4. With interest, carefully examine symbol (4)
5. Composition for voice: "Two Letters From Santa" (5)
12. Lumps $1,000 with long shots? (5)
14. Nothing hurt caliph (4)
16. Place accommodating Conservative party (4)


a. Burnt veggie, by the sound of it
b. Nick Yankee doodad
c. Pay small reward in mail
d. Balance area in color again
e. Getting in a fix for complex integer
f. Brazilian lady put on airs at first
g. Finish call aboard train
h. Gamblers Anonymous stories in abundance
i. A breeze garbled a "yes"
j. Go ape, breaking tip of enemy's extremity
k. Hammer small shelf
l. Repeat in Czechoslovakian
m. Top TV drama that's back in trouble
n. One narc employer's conviction

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The Atlantic Monthly; June 2003; The Puzzler; Volume 291, No. 5; 123.