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The Atlantic Monthly | May 2003
The Puzzler
Treasure Island

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The May Puzzler

The diagram represents five islands in a sea of words. Acrosses begin in the top left square and proceed sequentially left to right; any word unfinished at the right continues from the left in the next row. Downs similarly begin in the top left square and proceed sequentially top to bottom; any word unfinished at the bottom continues from the top in the next column. Some of the islands are crossed by Across words only, and some are crossed by Down words only. The words in four of the islands can be arranged to spell a cryptic clue for the fifth island's word. This fifth island, it will be discovered, is not fully crossed and must be completed by solving the extra clue. The letters added for this final word spell something handy for reaching an island, and the whole word will make a treasure. Clues are numbered for convenience only, and their answers include seven capitalized words.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's puzzle


1. Worn wood from sailing boats (5)
2. Full snake swallowed last of brood (5)
3. Fling hype in bishop's domain (5)
4. Debut of play, a corny item? (4)
5. Primate's front toe in bent position for dancing (6)
6. Sings right, surrounded by critters of the wood (6)
7. Actress named Katey back as Lassie (5)
8. Doctors catching first of tuna fish (9)
9. Raises birds, including cardinal (9)
10. Cuckoo lay, in playful kind of thinking (8)
11. Hawk or sell individually about 500 (7)
12. Live in brand-new part of a mosque (7)
13. African whose role is to sing and pluck about love (5)
14. Home of some Italians drifting in sea (5)
15. Sound made by angry fly (4)
16. New moon: tide lowering (8)
17. Take care of cryptic runes (5)
18. Carried chairs without acquiring education (6)


1. Aquatic animal moving on pegs (6)
2. Giant sun engulfs the thing (5)
3. A siren wound up (6)
4. Old master of rye-bread sandwiches speaking (6)
5. Figure awarded for operating system transport (5)
6. Algerian hub importing grand set of pipes (5)
7. Oral report of a seizing getting your attention (9)
8. Discovered 7 minus 5 (4)
9. Iberian plateau featured in Siamese tale (6)
10. Pueblo town's Southwestern food lacking heart (4)
11. Little monkey with tail of orange covered with a coat of fur (6)
12. Swinger's way of moving on foot discussed (4)
13. Alarm for poison sounded (6)
14. Goof I'd entered in stress (8)
15. Big bird in a hand, dummy (7)
16. Guy famous for writing novels in addition is performing live (7)
17. Dashing secret agent gulps scrap (6)
18. Thinks dreamily of low poles (5)

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The Atlantic Monthly; May 2003; The Puzzler; Volume 291, No. 4; 143.