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The Atlantic Monthly | March 2003
The Puzzler
Answers to the January/February Puzzler

"Target Practice"

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The January/February Puzzler Solution

Ring 1. a. CO(L) + A'S b. S(TAB) + s c. BE + AM + ED d. B(A + LB)OA e. DEE(ME)D f. S(M)ARE g. SEALS (double def.) h. BONG(O)S Ring 2. a. V(O)ILE b. MOLE (double def.) c. A(DIE)U d. WHI(LO)M e. ALBINO (anag.) f. ODOR (hidden) g. B + ORZO + IS h. P(ROF)ILE (for rev.) Ring 3. a. LIM(B)O b. OUTRE (anag.) c. L(O + C)ATE d. RAN + SOM(e) e. NICKER (double def.) f. ALTAR (homophone) g. MAM(B)A h. PASSIM (anag.) Ring 4. a. A(LE)RT b. A + C(HE)d c. T + R(U)ED d. A + ROMA (amorM rev.) Ring 5. a. CLEAVE (double def.)b. T + ERROR c. LE(A'S)E d. O + U + TLAW (Walt rev.) e. CO(MMI)T f. I + CONS g. SHORE (double def.) h. O + PER + A

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The Atlantic Monthly; March 2003; The Puzzler Solution; Volume 291, No. 2; 131.