Clinton's Post-Presidency
What should Bill Clinton do next?

Wynton Marsalis and the Future of Jazz
Has Wynton Marsalis led jazz to a dead end? What do you think the future holds for Marsalis's career and jazz as a whole?

On Being an Introvert
Is it more difficult to be an introvert than an extrovert in American society?

The Myth of Secularization
Does it surprise you that the world is becoming more religious rather than more secular over time?

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THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY | Volume 291 No. 3 | March 2003
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March 2003 cover Letters to the Editor

The Agenda
What Now? by Michael Kelly
Kicking the Secularist Habit by David Brooks
Back to Bork? by Byron York
Best Purporting Actor A cartoon by Edward Sorel

Primary Sources
Selections from reports, studies, and other documents

THE NATION IN NUMBERS: ProQuest  Mortal Justice by Jen Joynt and Carrie Shuchart


Wynton's Blues
For two decades Wynton Marsalis was perhaps the biggest name in jazz, admired as a musician and unsurpassed as a promoter and a definer. But Marsalis now faces an uncertain future. Just like jazz itself
by David Hajdu
Jazz at the Crossroads: A look back at articles on Wynton Marsalis and the evolution of jazz sheds light on where jazz has been—and where it may be headed. [Web only]
Close-Up: William Jefferson Clinton
Running for President is one of the very few options not open to Bill Clinton. Two years after having left office, he remains as vigorous, as restless, and as politically agile as ever—and he has both motive and opportunity to keep himself in the public eye for decades to come. Two of our correspondents ask, How will he cope with his post-presidency? How will we?

Post-President for Life by James Fallows
The Bill Show by P. J. O'Rourke
An Interview With Bill Clinton: The full transcript of James Fallows's conversation with Bill Clinton, a companion to the March 2003 cover story, "Post-President for Life." [Web only]
The Language Police
"Adam and Eve"? Replace with "Eve and Adam." "Little person"? Replace with "person of small stature." "Slave"? Replace with "enslaved person." Herewith, an abridgment of bias guidelines issued by major educational publishers and state agencies
by Diane Ravitch

Sure A poem by Lee Upton [audio]
Flash Flood A drawing by Guy Billout
What Is Visible A short story by Kimberly Elkins
Mourning Cloak A poem by Christina Pugh [audio]


Books and Critics
New & Noteworthy
Current books reviewed by Benjamin Schwarz

The Perils of Partition
An essay on the historical and literary aftereffects of the British Empire
by Christopher Hitchens

Other Reviews
by Jon Zobenica, Caitlin Flanagan, Brooke Allen, and Thomas Mallon

The Victorian Achievement
The Victorians, by A. N. Wilson, reviewed by Gertrude Himmelfarb

Pursuits and Retreats
INNOCENT BYSTANDER: Need to Know by Cullen Murphy
MOVIES: Storming the Home Front by Francis Davis
PERSONAL FILE: Caring for Your Introvert by Jonathan Rauch
The Puzzler by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
Word Fugitives by Barbara Wallraff

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