Contents | January/Feburary 2003

Jonathan Rauch: Further reading for "Taking Stock"
David Alan Aschauer, "How Big Should the Public Capital Stock Be?"

Noll & Cohen, "Is US Science Policy at Risk?"

"Overcoming America's Infrastructure Deficit," Levy & Cadette:

"The Public Investment Deficit," Baker:

R&D Performance in the United States

AAAS Guide to R&D Funding Data

Public Finance and Management Symposium

Texas Transportation Institute Urban Mobility Report

TEA-21 testimony—on highway bill (Mary Peters, FHWA)

CBO report on public infrastructure 6/98

CBO report on public infrastructure 5/99

1999 "Conditions and Performance" of public roads etc.

Highway Statistics Series (FHWA)

FHWA 2000 Performance Report

NHTSA stats

Bureau of Economic Analysis: GDP data

BEA: Hearing on the status of highway and transit systems

BEA: Public capital tables

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