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Michael Lind: Further reading for "The New Continental Divide"
On population trends, see "U.S. Resident Population, Percent Change 1990 to 2000," Negative Population Growth,

On the depopulation of the Great Plains, see the Associated Press story "Great Plains Communities See Continued Exodus of Young," May 31,2001; Nicholas Kristof.

On the future of the Great Plains, see Richard Manning, Grassland: The History, Biology, Politics, and Promise of the American Prairie (Penguin, 1995).

On the possibility of using technology to reduce the land used for agriculture, see Jesse H. Ausubel and H. Dale Langford, editors, Technological Trajectories and the Human Environment (Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 1997).

On decentralizing the U.S. air travel system, see James Fallows, Free Flight: From Airline Hell to a New Age of Travel (Public Affairs, 2001); also, James Fallows, "Freedom of the Skies," June 2001 Atlantic.

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