A Miscarriage of Justice
Who do you think murdered Martha Moxley? Have your views about the case been altered by reading Robert Kennedy Jr.'s article?

The Morality Gap
To what extent are Americans' political allegiances determined by their moral inclinations?

Sex and Marriage
Do sex and romance disappear when both husband and wife work?

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THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY | Volume 291 No. 1 | January/February 2003
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January/February 2003 cover 77 North Washington Street

Letters to the Editor

by Cullen Murphy

The Agenda
What Now? by Michael Kelly
The Elephantiasis of Reason by David Brooks
Blue Movie by Thomas Byrne Edsall
Primary Sources
Selections from recent reports, studies, and other documents

THE WORLD IN NUMBERS: ProQuest  Does Money Buy Happiness? by Don Peck and Ross Douthat
The Louse Is in the House by P. J. O'Rourke


In Defense of Michael Skakel
A little over a year ago Michael Skakel, whose cousins include the children of Ethel and Robert Kennedy, was convicted of the 1975 murder of his neighbor Martha Moxley. The trial generated lurid headlines and occurred in a climate of misinformation and innuendo. Now his cousin steps forward to mount a defense
by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Real State of the Union
A comprehensive look at the nation's domestic health—and practical suggestions for improvement
by James Fallows, Jedediah Purdy, Michael Lind, Shannon Brownlee, Ray Boshara, Gregory Rodriguez, Margaret Talbot, Michael Calabrese, Maya MacGuineas, Katherine Boo, David Friedman, Karen Kornbluh, James P. Pinkerton, Ricardo Bayon, Jonathan Rauch, and Ted Halstead

Floor Time
Something was wrong with Walker from the very start—and so began a confrontation with autism and the search for an effective therapy. A mother tells the story
by Patricia Stacey

Sex Week at Yale
Panels of experts leave nothing to the imagination
by Ron Rosenbaum

Literary Lives Marcel Proust
A drawing by Edward Sorel

Happy Hour A short story by Alison Baker

Discretion A poem by Robert Wrigley [audio]
Landscape With Deer and Figure A poem by Henri Cole [audio]
Love Work A poem by Gardner McFall [audio]


Books and Critics
New & Noteworthy
Current books
reviewed by Benjamin Schwarz

The Wifely Duty
An essay on books about sex in marriage
by Caitlin Flanagan

The Wartime Toll on Germany
On the Natural History of Destruction, by W. G. Sebald, reviewed by Christopher Hitchens

Going to Extremes
The Time of Our Singing, by Richard Powers; A Box of Matches, by Nicholson Baker, reviewed by Thomas Mallon

Pursuits and Retreats
TRAVELS: The Road to Herat by Elizabeth Rubin
PALATE AT LARGE: Stuffed Smoked Sablefish by Corby Kummer
The Puzzler by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
Word Court by Barbara Wallraff

Cover art: detail from Lady Liberty postcard circa 1890, courtesy of Kit Hinrichs, from his book Long May She Wave: A Graphic History of the American Flag.

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