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Ted Halstead: Further reading for "The American Paradox"
Ted Halstead is the author of two cover stories for The Atlantic Monthly:
A Politics for Generation X, and If the GDP is Up, Why is America Down?

For further reading on what a new social contract might look like, see:
The Radical Center: The Future of American Politics by Ted Halstead and Michael Lind.

There are a number of good sources for country-by-country statistics. For stats on other advanced democracies, click on: Society at a Glance: OECD Social Indicators at, or OECD in Figures 2002 at

For stats on almost all countries, click on: United Nations Human Development Indicators at, or—my favorite—The CIA World Factbook at

Once you've selected a country profile to look at, click on the right icon above each category to see data from that category for every country in the world.

For pages that are a little more fun, see: Infonation: The United Nations 'Cyberschoolbus' at

Select from the country and data menus to generate your own table.

The European Institute of Japanese Studies has a quirky list compiled from several sources, at:

Categories include number of McDonald's restaurants per unit population, per capita coffee consumption, parasitic disease rates, and so forth.

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