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The Atlantic Monthly | December 2002
The Puzzler
Crystal Ball

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The December Puzzler

Answers to this puzzle's numbered ("Clear") clues go in the unshaded cells along the paths indicated by the clue numbers. For example, the first answer at 1-8 starts in the cell marked 1 and goes southeast in the first four cells along the path toward 8; the second goes east in the four unshaded cells after the heavy bar, ending in the cell marked 8. Some entries follow a bending path from border to border. "Unclear" answers, each six letters long, are clued in random order. These should be entered radially from one of the shaded border cells to one of the central cells or vice versa. Half go inward and half go outward; each passes through two shaded cells. Their places in the grid can be determined with help from the Clear entries. By reading the shaded cells clockwise from the one pointing upward in the uppermost left, solvers will discover the nature of the Crystal Ball (on the perimeter) and a prediction (within). Nine clue answers are capitalized.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1-8 Brazilian lady love involved in element of destiny? (4)

Portent's unlimited significance (4)

2-7 Bottle for brandy and container for beer found in bar (8)

3-6 Eat up, having wandered back outside (6)

5-12 Destined for following gold car (4)

A group of geese along English river (4)

6-11 Observe Spielberg creation put up for sale again (8)

7-10 Doctor's name broadcast (6)

9-16 I camped in park with a rabbit-like creature (4)

Something spouted, "As you were saying?" (4)

10-15 Step on the scale with meadow mice, holding five in turns (8)

11-14 Milton playing woman in comedy (6)

13-20 Jack and I have exaggerated talk (4)

Garment left in collection of materials (4)

14-19 Holiday approaches, consuming "Y" (3,5)

15-18 Became aware of polar opposites in offspring (6)

17-24 In audience, provoke crown (4)

Small nose full of punch (4)

18-23 Baboon chomped down on something boring (5,3)

19-22 Second fruit oozes (6)

21-4 Traps belonging to Du Bois (4)

Earned high marks on an album including Beethoven's Third (4)

22-3 Drew is on the way back, given a ring (8)

23-2 Stand for consequences of too much acid? (6)


a. Section of glass capturing a victory dance

b. Terrible thirst for casual wear (hyphenated)

c. Gold Glover taking part in Buffalo marathon

d. Tug returns after you and I rise to the surface (two words)

e. Place nearby post office in cathedral area

f. Dad clumsily handles fruits

g. Sulfur found in dead leaf added to a journal

h. A ramshackle farm with empty building (hyphenated)

i. Hawthorne heroine has partying need, oddly

j. Chewer of scenery suffered tragedy

k. South end of Laredo, and not a place in Mexico

l. Floor material on a slant missing middle piece

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