JFK's Secret Suffering
Weigh in on Robert Dallek's "The Medical Ordeals of JFK." How do the new revelations about Kennedy's health problems affect your impression of him?

Gene Pool
Should fertility-impaired couples be allowed to pay top dollar for elite eggs? Share your thoughts on Jessica Cohen's article in the December Atlantic.

Bobby Fischer
Should Bobby Fischer's downward spiral into paranoid delusions and extreme anti-Semitism affect his status as a chess hero?

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THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY | Volume 290 No. 5 | December 2002
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December 2002 cover Letters to the Editor

INNOCENT BYSTANDER: The Rogues of Academe
by Cullen Murphy

The Agenda
What Now? by Michael Kelly
Light Shows of the Mind by David Brooks
The Fat Tax by Jonathan Rauch
Third Person Singular by P. J. O'Rourke
The At-Risk-Youth Industry by Eyal Press and Jennifer Washburn

The Case for "Regime Change" in France A cartoon by Jeff Danziger

Primary Sources
Selections from recent reports, studies, and other documents

THE WORLD IN NUMBERS: ProQuest  The Gun Trade by Don Peck


The Medical Ordeals of JFK
Newly uncovered medical records reveal not only that John F. Kennedy was heavily medicated throughout his presidency but also that the scope and intensity of his physical suffering were beyond what we had previously imagined
by Robert Dallek
Pulling Back the Curtain: In an interview, presidential historian Robert Dallek discusses new revelations about JFK's serious health problems and his efforts to keep them hidden [Web only]
Our Genius Problem
We live in a time when all terms and traits are inflated, but "genius" is in a category by itself. Why this obsession with the word and the idea?
by Marjorie Garber

Grade A: The Market for a Yale Woman's Eggs
The ad placed in a college newspaper by a childless couple offered $25,000. An undergraduate decided to reply
by Jessica Cohen

Centerpiece: Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame
Paranoia, hubris, and hatred—the unraveling of the greatest chess player ever
by Rene Chun

Interracial Intimacy
White-black dating, marriage, and adoption are on the rise—a development that is meeting more vocal resistance from blacks than from whites
by Randall Kennedy

Rite A drawing by Guy Billout

Aquerò A short story by Melissa Hardy

The Workout A poem by Roberta Spear
The Launching Chains of The Great Eastern A poem by John Spaulding [audio]


Books and Critics
New & Noteworthy
Current books
reviewed by Benjamin Schwarz

The Sage of Baltimore
The Skeptic: A Life of H. L. Mencken, by Terry Teachout, reviewed by Jonathan Yardley
Mencken: America's Critic: Articles by Jacques Barzun, Alfred Knopf, and H. L. Mencken himself offer an in-depth look at the controversial newspaper legend. [Web only]
A Nine-Hour Resurrection
The Coast of Utopia, by Tom Stoppard; My Past and Thoughts, by Alexander Herzen, reviewed by Christopher Hitchens

Other Reviews
by Christina Schwarz, James Marcus, Barbara Hoffert, Katherine A. Powers, and Caitlin Flanagan

Coming of Age on Long Island
Child of My Heart, by Alice McDermott, reviewed by Mona Simpson

Pursuits and Retreats
TRAVEL: Wonders of the World by Francine Prose
FOOD: Grapes of Gascony by Corby Kummer
PALATE AT LARGE: Duck Sauce à la Bidouze by Corby Kummer
DESIGN: Hand Tools by Thomas Hine
The Puzzler by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
Word Fugitives by Barbara Wallraff

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