Fallows and Kaplan on Iraq
Weigh in on James Fallows's "The Fifty-First State" and Robert D. Kaplan's "A Post-Saddam Scenario" in the November Atlantic.

Snobbery for Everyone
Do you agree with David Brooks that these days everyone is a snob?

Varieties of Religious Experience
Share your thoughts on John Updike's short story in the November issue.

Home Thoughts from Abroad
When you travel does homesickness usually overtake you? Or do you feel that you could keep discovering new places forever?

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THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY | Volume 290 No. 4 | November 2002
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November 2002 cover Letters to the Editor

by Cullen Murphy

The Agenda
What Now? by Michael Kelly
Superiority Complex by David Brooks
No Apparent Motive by P. J. O'Rourke
Ranking the Movie Presidents by Alan Brinkley, Robert Dallek, David M. Kennedy, and Ernest May
The End of the West by Charles A. Kupchan

THE NATION IN NUMBERS: ProQuest  The Shrinking Electorate by Don Peck

Primary Sources
Selections from recent reports, studies, and other documents


The Fifty-first State?
U.S. responsibilites in the aftermath of a victory over Iraq would include running the economy, keeping domestic peace, and protecting Iraq's borders—and doing it all for years. In many ways Iraq would be part of America
by James Fallows
Proceed With Caution: In an interview, James Fallows argues that before getting ourselves into a war with Iraq, we must think long and hard about its possible consequences. [Web only]
Centerpiece: The Kabul-ki Dance
Inside the cockpit with members of the 391st Fighter Squadron, veterans of the recent air war in Afghanistan
by Mark Bowden

A Post-Saddam Scenario
As the American presence elswhere becoms problematic, Iraq is the most logical place to relocate Middle Eastern bases
by Robert D. Kaplan

ProQuest  The Four Holidays of the Apocalypse A drawing by Edward Sorel

Varieties of Religious Experience A short story by John Updike

Dissections A poem by C. K. Williams [audio]
Hummingbird A poem by Sue Standing [audio]
Sir David Brewster's Toy A poem by Richard Wilbur [audio]
It Was Yoked to a Black Hunger A poem by Dana Levin


Books and Critics
New & Noteworthy
Current books
by Benjamin Schwarz

Political Animals
Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy by Matthew Scully, reviewed by Christopher Hitchens

A Seventeenth-Century Modern
Samuel Pepys: The Unequaled Self by Claire Tomalin; The Diary of Samuel Pepys edited by Robert Latham and William Matthews, reviewed by Thomas Mallon

Other Reviews
by Chris Lehmann, Benjamin Schwarz, and Christina Schwarz

"Our Saint, Our Umpire"
A Bolt From the Blue and Other Essays by Mary McCarthy, reviewed by Thomas Mallon

Pursuits and Retreats
TRAVEL: Home Thoughts From Abroad by Jan Morris
PALATE AT LARGE: Quinoa Soup by Corby Kummer
MUSIC: Notes From Antiquity by Toby Lester
The Puzzler by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
Word Court by Barbara Wallraff

Cover art by Steve Brodner.

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