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More Puzzlers from The Atlantic Monthly.

The Atlantic Monthly | October 2002
The Puzzler
Answers to the September Puzzler

"Sign of the Times"

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The September Puzzler Solution

The letters AG in the central square stand for silver, symbolic of a twenty-fifth anniversary.

Across. 2. s(p)lice 3. tars + a + l Down. 1. sti(f)le 4. pall + or Mixed. a. gen(r)e b. marquise (homophone) c. ka(lama)zoo d. for + ties e. li(mne)d (men anag.) f. corset (anag.) g. cre(p)es h. le(a + d)ers i. h(ole + in on)e j. (j)ouster k. i(c + ea)x l. w + hopper m. mes(he)s n. e + yes + ore o. a + l(eh)ouse p. old saw (anag.) q. pa(ire)d r. as(c)etics (a sect is anag.) s. fiscal (hidden) t. l(i'm abe) + an u. ta(m)per v. makeup (may cup homophone) w. a + do(u)t x. rejecting (anag.) y. p(a)ints z. pur(pos)e aa. d + rakes bb. scal(p)e + l cc. (g)lenn + on dd. s(u)ited ee. t + incan ff. p(recurs)or gg. mia's ma hh. fe(rm) + i ii. ev(asiv)e (Visa rev.) jj. co(ntex)t (next anag.)

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The Atlantic Monthly; October 2002; The Puzzler Solution; Volume 290, No. 3; 175.