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The Atlantic Monthly | September 2002
The Puzzler
Answers to the July/August Puzzler

"Lost in the Funhouse"

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The July/August Puzzler Solution

Dropped and added letters spell wild ride. Across. A. cressida (anag.) B. w(add)ing (Dad anag.) C. rode (homophone) D. m(a + gent)a E. gat(e)s F. r + e(v)erie G. re(m)it (tire anag.) H. trip + e I. s(mar)t J. dearths (anag.) K. mined(homophone) L. spo(u)t M. notes (anag.) N. castile (anag.) O. s(war)'d (rev.) P. avert (hidden) Q. llam(a)s (small rev.) R. deer (rev.) S. whaling (double def.) T. aster (anag.) U. deserts (double def.) Down. 1. semipro (anag.); ve(s)t 2. da(n)te;stater (anag.) 3. cot + erie; wa(y)ne 4. a(dam) + ant; amis(s) 5. re + gi + me;(m)orals 6. a + gree(k)s; cedar (anag.) 7. diver + t; s + tars

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