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American Ground
Join a discussion of the World Trade Center cleanup and William Langewiesche's landmark article.

Ansel Adams
Are Ansel Adams's photographs underappreciated by highbrow photography critics? Join a discussion of Kenneth Brower's article in the July/August Atlantic.

Age-Appropriate Reading
Do you have recommendations for books that are best read at a particular age or stage in life? Join a discussion inspired by Cullen Murphy's July/August "Innocent Bystander" column.

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THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY | Volume 290 No. 1 | July/August 2002
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July/August 2002 cover 77 North Washington Street

Letters to the Editor

by Cullen Murphy

The Agenda
The Taste Business by Michael Kelly
A Brief History of Yasir Arafat by David Brooks
Firebombs Over Tokyo by Jonathan Rauch
True Confessions by Margaret Talbot
Postmodern Protest in the Age of the Neo-Demo by P. J. O'Rourke
The Internationals by Mark Lee


American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center
The inside story of a uniquely American response
[Web version contains excerpts only]
by William Langewiesche
Inside the Ruins: William Langewiesche, the author of "American Ground," on life at the World Trade Center site after the towers fell. [Web only]
The FBI and Martin Luther King
New documents explain the notorious wiretaps
by David J. Garrow

Centerpiece: A Space in Time
Navigating the solar system with NASA's webcam
by Michael Benson

Designer Bugs
What happens when bio-terrorism meets genetic engineering?
by Jon Cohen

The Mall of America
Its warm oblivion and eternal present tense
by Ian Frazier

Ansel Adams at 100
A centennial exhibit the photographer would have disliked
by Kenneth Brower

ProQuest  Incident Report Richard I and Saladin
by Edward Sorel and Nancy Caldwell Sorel

A Notorious Trifler
Unpublished oddments by Ogden Nash
by Gary Cohen

Chinoiserie A drawing by Guy Billout

Report From Junction A short story by Brad Vice

Bardo A poem by Michael Collier [audio]
The Blizzard A poem by Robert Thomas [audio]
For My Dog, Who Listens to All My Poems A poem by Cathy Smith Bowers [audio]
A Week Later A poem by Sharon Olds [audio]


Pursuits and Retreats
TRAVEL: The Jewel of Poland by Lawrence Weschler
MUSIC: Unironic by Francis Davis
DANCE: The Hula Movement by Constance Hale
PALATE AT LARGE: Il Trappeto & La Peschiera by Corby Kummer

Books and Critics
Fatal Attraction
Master of the Senate by Robert A. Caro, reviewed by Ronald Steel

A Capitalist Primer
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, with an introduction by Jane Jacobs, reviewed by Christopher Hitchens

Men of Letters
Critical Times: The History of the Times Literary Supplement by Derwent May, reviewed by Benjamin Schwarz

A Grand Contrivance
Bad Boy Brawly Brown by Walter Mosely, reviewed by David L. Ulin

New and Noteworthy
The making of the modern Middle East; grimly absurd humor in two reissued novels; the last word on Napoleon

As English as God
The Man Who Rode Ampersand by Ferdinand Mount, reviewed by Philip Hensher

The Puzzler by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon

Word Fugitives by Barbara Wallraff

Cover photograph by Joel Meyerowitz.

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