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The Atlantic Monthly | April 2002
The Puzzler

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The April Puzzler

Each of the eight closed loops forming this puzzle's grid contains four consecutive words reading clockwise. The loops' starting points and the lengths of their entries are not given, so solvers will need to match intersecting letters in order to align the loops correctly. Solvers achieving the correct solution will find an appropriate reward in the letters projecting from the grid. Six answers are capitalized, and the answers to 3.c and 7.b are uncommon terms.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1. a. Guess: start of next loop is hell
    b. Take control of vast expanses by proclamation?
    c. One hero, possibly?
    d. Dickens' face showing two spots

2. a. Piece of rock in sediment looks sideways
    b. Slightly adjusted fabric worn by a king
    c. Strained apricot ultimately canned
    d. Huge insect eating one M & M

3. a. Officers turned back sellout crowd
    b. Smoke packs to procrastinate (two words)
    c. Accelerate back on street for about a kilometer
    d. Game bird Round Table knight heard

4. a. Cryptic clue in "Hearts"
    b. Given information and nourished with cheese?
    c. Large bottles kids attached behind vehicle
    d. Clothing rage: plastic

5. a. Bird of prey agitated parrot
    b. In article, notice mid-April story line
    c. New York river loops west, then east by pass
    d. Get burned about large bill

6. a. Bird going around prune crate
    b. Small farm frequently starting with pair of crops
    c. Place for investigating our party in Britain
    d. At audition, make a mark next to writer's name

7. a. Middle East partisan in operation is trapped by eruption
    b. Archeologists initially attempt breaking into mummy's ancient tomb
    c. Neat, capturing a Trojan king
    d. Crosses second entrance from the east

8. a. Persuades one among crew members
    b. Foreign land featured in amateur opera
    c. Corrupt monarch cut short theater projection
    d. Gold-coated cube is so long

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The Atlantic Monthly; April 2002; The Puzzler; Volume 289, No. 4; 143.