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The Atlantic Monthly | March 2002
The Puzzler
Working Overtime

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The March Puzzler

Your hardworking puzzle crafters have made a special effort to see that 17 clue answers are entered into the diagram with a change. The term for our extra work, and also the nature of the 17 answers' change, can be seen in the circled letters of the finished diagram when read column by column from left to right. There are six capitalized words among the clue answers, and two more among the altered words in the diagram.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1. Lacking courage, and small-minded? (6)

5. Absorbed by legal matter, a court appears stimulated (6)

10. Pretend to be Hepburn when you speak with calm (7)

11. State how the pig got repeatedly skinned (4)

12. Private eye hot for engineer (4)

13. Private eye with composite payment in Egypt (7)

14. Painter's entering all but the finale (6)

16. After outbreak of scandal, be embarrassed and split (8)

18. Some Native Americans dance on the 4th of April (4)

19. Listened to pleasant rock made in bands (6)

24. Some fundraisers I have set among AMA members (6)

25. Declare a victory that really smarts (4)

28. Mostly pay lease for mom and dad (8)

30. Furtive and crafty about newspaper publicity (6)

31. Resists accepting one's ranks among the exalted (7)

32. Medical drama popular where the Irish dwell (4)

33. Hunter's quarry turning tail in long grass (4)

34. Female hit hard in affair? (7)

35. Ripped into Social Security reserves (6)

36. Run where bulls are getting even with matadors? (6)


1. Particular details required for glasses (5)

2. The Spanish item for activity in a wood shop (7)

3. A clerk crookedly pockets $100 for pop? (7)

4. British composer's lying in alien grave (7)

5. Pull apart, pinning ear back (4,3)

6. Facilitated mutation of a seed (5)

7. "X" on returned trouser material (5)

8. Hamper that is in backward place (3,2)

9. Tales of southern conservatives (7)

15. Knife a figure of importance to Hindus (5)

17. Opinions compete over The Bard's initials (5)

19. Gendarme's first arrest busted bands (7)

20. Most active member of the clergy after school (7)

21. Crease in rink Lew fixed (7)

22. Tip about article causing forgetfulness (7)

23. Working the land in distant Chinese dynasty (7)

26. Film essential to provide objectivity (5)

27. Cut tip off pinker bush (5)

28. Fortunes left in baked goods (5)

29. Special jargon for log-in corrupted (5)

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